College of Arts & Science's Dean's List

Spring 2021

At the end of each Fall and Spring semester, the College of Arts & Sciences names to the College Honor Roll, or Dean's List, A&S students who have achieved outstanding academic success in that semester. To achieve this distinction, for students who have been fully admitted to the College of Arts & Sciences, a semester GPA of 3.75 is required on at least 12 graded credits.

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Fajardo, Roxann

Farrell, Patricia

Feagler, Mark

Featherston, Junko

Federico, Alina

Feldbusch, Ashleigh

Fernandez, Katherine

Ferrell, Alexandria

Ferrer Hurtado, Carla

Feustel, Melody

Fielder, Cody

Filerio, Salvador

Filkins, Jordyn

Flack, Winter

Fleig, Kenna

Fleming, Brittany

Fleming, Saxon

Fletcher, Jessie

Flores, Adrian

Flores, Ashlee

Flores, Elena

Flores, Erica

Flores, Jaden

Flores, Julia

Flores, Rayna

Flores, Shaleena

Florez, Annamarie

Florez, Elena

Fluke, Kaley

Fomukong, Matuke

Fong, Valerie

Ford, Tia

Forrest, Aster

Forrester, Alexandria

Fortin, Hailey

Foster, Jordan

Fourzan, Paulina

Fowler, Payton

Fox, John

Fralinger, Dandro

Frame, Jaley

Francis, Christopher

Franco, Gabi

Franco, Karina

Franco, Tristan

Frederick, Christy

Fuller, Timothy