Annual Reviews

Annual Review of Chairs and Directors

The Dean performs the annual reviews of all department chairs and program directors in the College. Reviews consider data from Spring semester surveys sent to Unit faculty and staff, as well as information contained in self-assessments. 

Self-Assessment for Chairs and Directors

Refer to these suggested criteria for inclusion in your self-assessment. Self-assessments should be submitted to Karen Roberts by May 31.

Annual Review of Faculty

UPDATE: Provost's Spring 2021 memo concerning COVID impact on annual reviews

All faculty, whether tenured, tenure track or lecturers, are subject to annual review. For detailed guidelines on the annual review process of continuing faculty in the College, please refer to this memo.

Provost's Annual Review Language Requirements (eff. Fall 2019)

The Dean requires a copy of all individual annual review letters along with the unit's annual review summary spreadsheet (templates below). Copies of these documents are to be submitted as email attachments to Karen Roberts in the College office by the posted deadline.

Summary of Continuing Faculty Annual Reviews

Tenure-track faculty reviews take place in the spring and are based on a report prepared by each faculty member covering the previous calendar year. Each department has guidelines for the information contained in the review. Junior faculty annual reviews typically include some consultation between the chair and senior faculty.

Tenured faculty are to receive annual post-tenure reviews each spring, based on the previous calendar year and conducted according to individual post-tenure policies developed at the department level. To assist in the annual review process, the chair or director may suggest their faculty submit an autobiographical supplement, modified as necessary to fit the needs of the department or program. (Autobiographical supplements are not required at the College level.)

Lecturers in their first year of service are to be reviewed no later than February 28, based on the previous semester. 

Lecturers in their second or subsequent year of service:  Because the Faculty Handbook requires a December 15 notification of any decision to not renew a lecturer's contract, the Handbook indicates a fall review of lecturers. However,  the College will accept a non-renewal decision based on the previous spring review supplemented by any relevant information from the summer and fall before the decision, thus allowing for lecturers to be reviewed at the same time as all other continuing faculty. Note that no action is required to reappoint lecturers within their terms as they have continuing appointments.

For faculty members undergoing a milestone review, the promotion or retention evaluation constitutes the annual review for that year. However, chairs (and directors who supervise lecturers) are asked to write a brief annual review summary letter for inclusion in the file of their candidates. Summary letters needn't be more than 1 - 2 paragraphs, and should include highlights from previous years' reviews.

Reviews are limited to 150 words, and will include a statement of goals. In all cases, the faculty member receives a copy of the review and an opportunity to discuss it with the chair. For more information on the annual review process, see Faculty Handbook section B4.