Travel and Health Insurance

Faculty Travel Health Insurance Information

For short trips this travel insurance coverage is available. The cost is approximately $4.00 per day for travelers under 70 years of age, slightly higher for over 70. The service is comprehensive and very reliable. This is the policy UNM recommends for all short-term international trips for both staff and faculty. For details and application forms, visit Safety & Risk Services' Travel Insurance page.

BETA (Basic Emergency Travel Assistance)*
This is a policy option for travelers who believe they have sufficient international health and accident coverage, but do not have medical evacuation and repatriation. The BETiNS company offers a policy for $18 per six months that provides minimal medical evacuation and repatriation, but no other coverage. Details and application are available at

*NOTE: although this is the cheapest alternative, it also provides the least coverage.

For general information on insurance and liability at UNM, visit UNM Risk Services.