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Nearly every student who comes to UNM benefits from the rich education offered by the College of Arts & Sciences. The foundation that our social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences programs have provided for over 100 years have equipped our graduates to change their futures – and ours – for the better.

Your gift to the College of Arts & Sciences is more than a donation. As the academic heart of UNM, your generosity touches more people, opens more pathways to success, strengthens our research efforts, and improves our communities on a local, national, and global scale.


Top Priority

College of Arts and Sciences Scholarship Fund (201029)

Our students work hard to successfully combine their studies and work obligations. Yet, sometimes an unexpected expense threatens to interrupt their studies. At these critical times, a small scholarship can make a big difference to a student. This fund keeps students in school and helps them get to graduation.

When you give to this fund, you provide the most flexible scholarship funding for students. The scholarship funds can be used to support students who need just a few hundred dollars to register for their last semester, students who need a bit of help with their books this semester, and students facing an unexpected expense that might keep them from continuing their studies.


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Emergency Scholarship_ Big Give 2024_CAS #2 from The University of New Mexico on Vimeo.


Additional Giving Opportunities at the College Department

Department - American Studies

Department - Foreign Languages & Literatures

Department - Latin American Studies

Department - Mathematics & Statistics

Native American Studies

Office of Contract Archeology (OCA)

Department - Philosophy Institutes, Museums, Schools and Programs

Program - Africana Studies

Center - Agora Crisis Center

Program - BA/MD Program

Program - Blue Mesa Review

Program - Center for Quantum Information and Control (CQuIC)

Program - Center for Stable Isotopes

Program - Earth Data Analysis Center/RGIS

Program - Feminist Research Institute

Program - Institute for the Study of "Race" and Social Justice

Program - International Studies Institute

Office of Contract Archeology, Division of the Maxwell Museum

Program - Sevilleta Field Station

Program - Sustainability Studies Program

Program - Women Studies Program



How to Give Online to a Fund Not Listed Here:  

Don't see the fund you want to donate to? Follow these instructions to make an online gift to a fund not listed here.

Step 1 - Visit

Step 2 - Fill in the requested information.

Step 3 - In the box labeled "Add comments on this gift, or indicate the name of a person you'd like to memorialize or honor," type in the fund name or number of the fund you'd like to donate to.

Step 4 - Complete your gift by clicking on Add Payment and Checkout.


Create Your Own Legacy

If you are interested in planned giving or other funding opportunities for the College of Arts & Sciences, please contact Yolanda Dominguez, Senior Director of Development at or at 505-277-3194.

You can always give directly by visiting the UNM Foundation website and search areas to support.


How to Give by Check 

1. Make the check payable to the UNM Foundation.
2. Enter Fund Name and Number on the memo line.
3. Mail to:  UNM Foundation, 700 Lomas NE, Ste 108, Albuquerque, NM 87102.


UNM Employee? 

UNM Employees can donate through Payroll Deduction.
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