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General Education Assessment

CourseCourse Name
Area 1: Writing and Speaking - SLOs for Area 1
C&J 130Public Speaking
English 110Accelerated Composition
English 120Composition III
English 219Technical and Professional Writing
English 220Expository Writing
Philosophy 156Reasoning and Critical Thinking
Area 2: Mathematics - SLOs for Area 2
Math 121College Algebra
Math 129A Survey of Mathematics
Stat 145Intro. to Statistics
Math 150Pre-Calculus Mathematics
Math 162LCalculus I
Math 163LCalculus II
Math 180Elements of Calculus I
Math 181Elements of Calculus II
Math 215Math for Elementary School Teachers
Area 3: Physical and Natural Sciences - SLOs for Area 3
Anthropology 121Archeological Method & Theory
Anthropology 150Evolution & Human Emergence
Anthropology 151LEvolution & Human Emergence Lab
Anthropology 160Human Life Course
Anthropology 161LHuman Life Course Lab
Astro 101Intro to Astronomy
Astro 101LIntroduction to Astronomy Lab
Biology 110Biology for Non-Majors
Biology 112LBiology for Non-Majors Lab
Biology 123Biology for Health-Related Sciences
Biology 124LBiology for Health-Related Sciences Lab
Chemistry 101Chemistry in our Community
Chemistry 111LElements of General Chemistry
Chemistry 121General Chemistry
Chemistry 122General Chemistry
Chemistry 123LGeneral Chemistry Lab I
Chemistry 124LGeneral Chemistry Lab II
Chemistry 131 Principles of Chemistry
Chemistry 132 Principles of Chemistry
Earth & Planetary Sciences 101Intro to Geology
Earth & Planetary Sciences 105LIntro to Geology Lab
Earth & Planetary Sciences 201LEarth History
Environmental Science 101The Blue Planet
Environmental Science 102LThe Blue Planet Lab
Geography 101Physical Geography
Geography 105LPhysical Geography Lab
Natural Science 261LPhysical Science
Natural Science 262LLife Science
Natural Science 263LEnvironmental Science
Physics 102Introduction to Physics
Physics 102LIntroduction to Physics Lab
Physics 105Physics and Society
Physics 151General Physics
Physics 151LGeneral Physics Lab
Physics 152General Physics
Physics 152LGeneral Physics Lab
Physics 160General Physics
Physics 160General Physics Lab
Area 4: Social and Behaviorial Sciences - SLOs for Area 4
Africana Studies 104Introduction to Africana Studies
American Studies 182Intro to Env, Sci & Technology
American Studies 185Race, Class, & Ethnicity
Anthropology 101Introduction to Anthropology
Anthropology 130Cultures of the World
Economics 105Intro to Macroeconomics
Economics 106Intro to Microeconomics
Geography 102Human Geography
Linguistics 101Intro to Linguistics
Political Science 110The Political World
Political Science 200American Politics
Political Science 220Comparative Politics
Political Science 240International Politics
Psychology 105General Psychology
Sociology 101Intro to Sociology
Sociology 216Dynamics of Prejudice
Area 5: Humanities - SLOs for Area 5
American Studies 186Intro to Southwest Studies
Classics 107Greek Mythology
Classics 204Greek Civilization
Classics 205Roman Civilization Comparative Literature
COMP 222Fairy and Folk Tales Comparative Literature
COMP 224Literary Questions
English 150Study of Literature
English 292 or 293World Literatures
Modern Languages 101Approaches to Languages and Cultures
History 101Western Civilization
History 102Western Civilization
History 161History of the U.S. to 1877
History 162History of the U.S. since 1877
History 181History of Early Latin America
History 182Modern Latin American History
Honors Legacy Seminars 100-200
Native 150Introduction to Native American Studies
Philosophy 101Intro to Philosophical Problems
Philosophy 201Greek Philosophy
Philosophy 202Modern Philosophy
Religious Studies 107Living World Religions
Religious Studies 263Eastern Religions
Religious Studies 264Western Religions
Area 6: Non-English Language - SLOs for Area 6
ARAB 111Elementary Arabic I
ARAB 112Elementary Arabic II
ARAB 211Intermediate Arabic I
ARAB 212Intermediate Arabic II
CHIN 111Elementary Chinese I
CHIN 112Elementary Chinese II
CHIN 201Intermediate Chinese I
CHIN 202Intermediate Chinese II
FREN 101Elem French I
FREN 102Elem French II
FREN 201Intermediate French I
FREN 202Intermediate French II
FREN 203Intermediate French Conversation
FREN 175Accelerated Beginning French
FREN 276Accelerated Intermediate French
GREK 101Beginning Greek I
GREK 102Beginning Greek II
GREK 104Beginning New Testament Greek
GREK 106Intermediate New Testament Greek
GREK 201Intermediate Greek I
GREK 202Intermediate Greek II
GRMN 101Basic German I
GRMN 102Basic German II
GRMN 201Intermediate German I
GRMN 202Intermediate German II
GRMN 175Accelerated Elementary German
GRMN 276Accelerated Intermediate German
ITAL 175Accelerated Elementary Italian
ITAL 276Accelerated Intermediate Italian
JAPN 101Elem Japanese I
JAPN 102Elem Japanese II
JAPN 201Intermediate Japanese I
JAPN 202Intermediate Japanese II
LATN 101Elementary Latin I
LATN 102Elementary Latin II
LATN 201Intermediate Latin I
LATN 202Intermediate Latin II
MLNG 109Biblical Hebrew I
NVJO 101Elementary Navajo for Non-Native Speakers
NVJO 102Elementary Navajo for Non-Native Speakers
NVJO 103Basic Medical Navajo
NVJO 105Written Navajo for Native Speakers
NVJO 201Intermediate Navajo
NVJO 202Intermediate Navajo
NVJO 206Creative Writing and Advanced Reading
PORT 101Elementary Portuguese I
PORT 102Elementary Portuguese II
PORT 201Intermediate Portuguese I
PORT 202Intermediate Portuguese II
PORT 275Intensive Beginning Portuguese
PORT 276Intensive Intermediate Portuguese
RUSS 101Elementary Russian I
RUSS 102Elementary Russian II
RUSS 201Intermediate Russian I
RUSS 202Intermediate Russian II
SIGN 201Intro to Sign Language
SIGN 210American Sign Language I
SIGN 211American Sign Language II
SIGN 212Fingerspelling I
SIGN 214Lexical Semantics for Transliteration
SPAN 101Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 102Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 103Elementary Spanish Conversation I
SPAN 104Elementary Spanish Conversation II
SPAN 111Elementary SHL I
SPAN 112Elementary SHL II
SPAN 200Intermediate Spanish Abroad
SPAN 201Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 202Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 203Spanish Conversation
SPAN 211Intermediate Spanish as a Heritage Lang. I
SPAN 212Intermediate Spanish as a Heritage Lang. II
SPAN 275Accelerated Beginning Spanish
SPAN 276Accelerated Intermediate Spanish

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