Museums of the College of Arts and Sciences

Geology Museum

Photo: Geology Museum

Geology Museum website

The Silver Family Geology Museum was established in the 1930's by Stuart Northrop (after whom our building is named) and provides public exhibits of mineral, fossil, and rock specimens. The material on display represents a small portion of the geological collections of the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences.

The Geology Museum is is located in Northrop Hall (Earth & Planetary Sciences #24) and is open Monday-Friday: 8:am-12pm & 1pm-4:30pm

Maxwell Museum of Anthropology

Photo: Maxwell Museum of Anthropology

Maxwell Museum of Anthropology website

One of the nation’s finest anthropology museums, the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology offers exhibits and programs relating to cultures around the world, with a special emphasis on the cultural heritage of the Southwest.

The Maxwell Museum is located in the Anthropology Building (#11). Open Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-4pm (reserved parking to west of building) Must obtain permit

Maxwell Museum Online Store

Meteorite Museum and Collection

Photo: Meteorite Museum and Collection

Meteorite Museum and Collection website

The UNM Meteorite Museum, part of the Institute of Meteoritics, is on the first floor of the Earth and Planetary Sciences building, 221 Yale Blvd NE (Northrop Hall) on the University of New Mexico campus. The Institute is a center for the teaching and research of space and planetary sciences, and is the home of one of the largest collections of meteorites in the world. Hundreds of meteorites found around the world are displayed, including the 1000kg Norton county stony meteorite.

The Meteorite Museum is is located in Northrop Hall (Earth & Planetary Sciences #24) and its hours of operation change each semester. For the most current information on when you can visit the museum, please go to the Meteorite Museum website for more details.

Museum of Southwestern Biology

Photo: Museum of Southwestern Biology

Museum of Southwestern Biology website

The University of New Mexico’s Museum of Southwestern Biology is a research and teaching facility in the Department of Biology of the University of New Mexico. Through its world-class natural history collections, associated databases, and staff expertise, MSB provides significant research infrastructure, meaningful undergraduate experiences, cutting-edge graduate training, and substantial public-service and outreach.

The Museum of Southwestern Biology is located in the CERIA Building, main office - room 204. Visitation is by appointment only visit the museum's website for details.