Faculty Workload

Workload information is required by the Provost's Office to ensure compliance with Faculty Handbook policies C100 and C110.

Reporting faculty workload using a common format provides consistency of reporting across the College. Please use this Faculty Workload Form  (rev. 5.26.2021, with detailed instructions included) to report workload for the Spring and Fall semesters of the previous calendar year (with summer workload entered together with Fall.) Include all faculty with department appointments.This form will allow the College to monitor and accurately report College-wide faculty workloads to the Provost.

Each department may establish workload standards and norms with a variance that reflects differences across disciplines. Once established, these standards and norms are to be used to conduct annual reviews, determine merit salary increases and make appropriate salary adjustments. Each department should also establish a standard for each category of workload.

NOTE: Departments or programs with faculty holding joint appointments are expected to include the part-time workload units. Programs with affiliated faculty only do not need to submit a workload form. 

Faculty Workload reports are due to the College in early April each year. This deadline is timed to coincide with annual reviews of faculty.

For further details, consult the memo from Senior Associate Dean Philip Ganderton dated September 3, 2014.