Staff Professional Development Program

staff-prog.jpgIn the College of Arts & Sciences, we value staff members’ contributions to our mission and want everyone to have the opportunity to grow in their professional skills. To support this goal, we are launching a professional development funding pool for staff.

In accordance with UAP 3290: Professional Development and Training policy, the College of Arts & Sciences provides opportunities for professional development for staff and recognizes the importance of an educated and competent workforce to remain current in a rapidly changing environment. These guidelines describe an additional resource beyond those offered through UAP 3700: Education Benefits policy and any existing professional development plans and/or funds within College units. 

  • The A&S Staff Professional Development Program may provide staff access to certain training workshops, seminars, conferences, and professional development opportunities.
    • The College will provide a $15,000 funding pool on an annual basis. The total number of awards granted will depend on the availably of funding.
    • Each award is for job related conference or training that improve his/her work skills. Costs in excess of the award must be covered by unit or personal funds.
    • It is strongly encouraged for units to share in the cost of these opportunities when unit funds are available. Priority will be given to units without sufficient funding from internal sources. Program funding is intended to supplement existing unit funds. Staff should exhaust all other resources, including any internal training and workshops offered by UNM, before this request is submitted.
    • A staff member will not be awarded more than once every 2 fiscal years due to the limited funds.
    • A staff member is responsible for monitoring his/her A&S Staff Professional Development Program allotment to ensure he/she does not exceed the award.
    • If awarded, staff will present information learned in a DA meeting.
    • Payment for any related expenses must follow UAP 4000: Allowable and Unallowable Expenditures, UAP 4030: Travel policies, and any other University policies.



  • The A&S Staff Professional Development Program does not cover costs for Academic classes, Continuing Education courses or University Department non-academic courses & certificated programs defined within UAP 3700: Education Benefits policy and any existing Professional Development plans and/or fund within College units.
    • This includes other costs associated with UNM courses like course fees, tuition differential, school books, supplies, or exams.



  • Eligibility for A&S Staff Professional Development Program:
    • Regular or Term staff who have been employed within A&S for at least one year.
    • Full-time or part-time (with an appointment percent of 50% or greater).
    • Employees must not have received a “Not Successful” Overall Job Responsibilities or Overall Goal rating on the most recent annual Performance Evaluation.
    • Employee must not have received documented disciplinary action within one-years’ time of application submittal.


  • Ineligibility for A&S Staff Professional Development Program:
    • Temporary, On-call or staff who are part-time (less than 50% FTE).
    • Probationary or trial period employees.


Application Info

  • An A&S Staff Professional Development Application form must be submitted to the CAS Dean’s Office in a timely manner for the appropriate review and approval prior to the registration and/or payment for conference or training.
    • Request should indicate how the professional development opportunity will benefit the staff’s position, department, College, and/or University.
    • Applications will be accepted on a quarterly basis – January 15-31, April 15-30, July 15-31, and October 15-31.
    • Applications and supporting documents must be submitted via email to:  The email should be addressed to the “Staffing Request Review Committee” and the subject line must read:  Request - A&S Staff Professional Development Program.
    • Application forms will not be considered for conference or training that have already occurred.
    • Late payments and/or rush fees will not be funded by the A&S Staff Professional Development Program.
    • Approval from supervisor and unit Chair/Director (if not the direct supervisor) are required.


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