Faculty Leaves

Leaves are available to all faculty as written in the UA-UNM Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Leave Without Pay, Parental Leave and Extended Sick Leave

See CBA Article 9.
Send these completed forms with all additional documentation required to asadmin@unm.edu 

Request for Leave Without Pay
Request for Parental Leave
Request for Extended Sick Leave

Specific deadlines for submitting leave requests to the College are provided in the current Chairs/Directors Deadline Schedule, downloadable from the box above.

Research Leave for Tenure-Track Faculty

All eligible tenure-track faculty in the bargaining unit, during their probationary appointment are eligible for a Research Leave. See CBA Article 10.

The Research Leave request consists of the following documents, to be submitted electronically by the unit head to Karen Roberts, krgard11@unm.edu, by the current posted deadline.

Candidate's Research Leave Plan
Candidates' current curriculum vitae

Memo of support from Unit Head

Further details are outlined in this memorandum. Once the request has been reviewed and approved, a formal letter from the Dean awarding the Research Leave will be sent to the candidate, with a copy to the Chair.

Sabbatical Leave

All tenured faculty members are eligible for sabbatical leave every six years. See CBA Article 11 and the College’s Sabbatical Guidelines (revised 12.6.2021).

Sabbatical Leave request form (revised 12.6.2021)

Per the CBA, "Each request must be reviewed by the unit's Review Committee and the Chair or Director before submitting to the Dean."

It is the Dean's responsibility to write the memo for unit heads requesting sabbatical leave..

Click here for guidance in changing the dates of an approved sabbatical leave.

Academic Leave for Senior and Principal Lecturers

The application criteria for Academic Leave, as outlined in CBA Article 12, is below. For additional details on approvals, etc., review pages 17-19 of Article 12.

The main purpose of academic leave is to encourage professional growth and increased competence among lecturers by subsidizing significant research, creative work, pedagogy, or some other program of study that is judged to be of equivalent value. The application for, and approval of, academic leave should be done in a culture of collegial and shared decision-making so that the professional interests and subject matter expertise of the member are taken into full account while the University maintains its ability to deliver on its’ mission elements of teaching, research, and service.

 A.  All Lecturers in the bargaining unit (hereafter in this article referred to as bargaining unit member) who have achieved the rank of Senior Lecturer, or above, are eligible to apply for academic

B.  Bargaining unit members who qualify have the right to formally apply for academic leave; however, academic leave will not be granted to subsidize graduate work or work on advanced

    1. A bargaining unit member applying for academic leave should normally be on a contract designated as 0 full-time equivalent (FTE) for eligibility.
    2. If a bargaining unit member’s FTE is below 1.0, their length of service must equal the equivalent to the eligibility for academic leave, which may take longer.
    3. A bargaining unit member whose contract is 0.5 FTE would multiply their service by a factor of two to meet the full-time service

C.  A bargaining unit member’s formal requests may be approved for one semester of academic leave at full salary every six years.

D.  When applying for academic leave, the bargaining unit member must submit their completed academic leave application to their department/division chair (hereafter referred to as department chair). The application must contain and indicate the following:

    1. A detailed statement of planned activities for the academic
    2. Official academic leave application
    3. Curriculum
    4. A description of current teaching, scholarship and service
    5. Any other relevant information deemed necessary by the bargaining unit member

Academic Leave Request Form 

Each request must be reviewed by the unit's Review Committee and the Chair or Director before submitting to the Dean.