WeR1 College of Arts & Sciences

wer1.jpgThe College of Arts & Sciences includes a wide range of disciplines and faculty whose work ranges from theoretical to applied. Our heterogeneity provides opportunities to work across disciplines and academic activity to generate new knowledge and solve complex problems. Indeed, we already have many examples of unique and valuable collaboration in the College.  

We invite proposals for activities that will raise the visibility of the College of Arts & Sciences and showcase our interdisciplinary expertise on a specific topic. Example activities include—but are not limited to—a symposium, workshop, or exhibit. The event should be partially or fully public-facing.  




Proposals that meet the following criteria will be more favorably evaluated: 

  • Applications that are connected to themes identified in UNM 2040: Opportunity Defined. 
  • Applications that relate to challenges confronting New Mexico. 
  • Applications from faculty in disciplines that do not traditionally collaborate. 
  • Applications that are likely to lead to national visibility. 
  • Applications that include junior faculty. 

*Note that applications do not need to meet all the criteria. 

The below guidelines must be followed:

  • Proposals are due February 2, 2024. 
  • Only College of Arts & Sciences’ full-time faculty are eligible to receive funds, though faculty from other schools and colleges may collaborate.  
  • The proposed activities should not duplicate activities occurring elsewhere in the University, unless proposed in partnership. 
  • The proposed activity must occur by the end of Spring semester 2025. 
  • At the conclusion of the proposed activities, or period during which the activities were proposed to occur, applicants must submit a report that summarizes the activities and their outcomes. 
  • Funds may not be used for UNM salary, graduate stipends, or non-standard payment to UNM employees, unless significant activity must occur during the summer. 


Application Info

Applications will be submitted through InfoReady. The following information will be requested 

  • A narrative of no more than three pages that describes the proposed activity, its intended audience, the timeline for activities, the role of each of the applicants, and goals for the proposed activity with associated metrics for evaluating their success. Note that the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s office can provide support for organizing and promoting the activity; please include those expectations in the proposal.  
  • A list of the applicants and their current CVs (full or abbreviated). 
  • A budget and budget justification, which itemizes the costs and their rationale, as well as an explanation of what support is available from other sources. 
  • If needed, appendices with other relevant details (e.g., outside speaker bio or CV).  

Up to $20K will be awarded through this call. The number of awards will depend on the nature of the proposals. 

Questions and inquiries can be directed to Dean Jennifer Malat. 


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