General Education Assessment Overview

Questions regarding General Education course re-certification are handled by the Office of the Associate Provost for Curriculum and Assessment.

Please click here for more information or contact Dr. Pamela Cheek, Associate Provost for Curriculum and Assessment or Associate Registrar, Michael Raine.

Changes to UNM Assessment of General Education coursework began in the 2019-2020 academic year.  Departments with courses satisfying general education must collect evidence (artifacts) of student learning outcomes for essential skills, depending on the content area: 


Deadline for academic year 2022-2023 General Education data: Thursday December 15, 2022 (for courses taught only in Fall) or May 15, 2023 (for courses taught in Fall and/or Spring).

  • What do departments have to do?  No plan is required.  Departments must identify an artifact (piece of student work) that can be collected in relevant general education courses.  Please attend a workshop or email if you need help with artifact planning.  
  • What do I submit? Please submit artifacts that address the appropriate essential skill. Submitted artifacts must address at least 2 dimensions of the essential skills associated with your department's core curriculum area. You will need to submit a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 artifacts. Click here for information needed before submitting.
  • When do I submit?  If relevant courses are only taught in Fall and/or Spring, please collect artifacts and submit by Thursday December 15, 2022 deadline.  If relevant courses are taught in Fall and/or Spring, please submit by the May 15, 2023 deadline.
  • How do I submit? Watch this less than 4-minute video on how to upload your artifacts.  Click here
  • Where do I submit? Click here for link to the submission form.
  • Where do I get help?  Workshops on general education assessment are available Fall and Spring semesters.  See below for dates and times.  You may also email for help. 

Visit the Office of Assessment General Education page for more information.