Supplemental Funding for Travel, Research and Teaching

Travel Support

The College’s Travel Support Funds assist in the communication of research results by providing up to $2,000.00 in additional travel funds to professional conferences, workshops, and community events. Any continuing faculty member in the College of Arts & Sciences, including tenure track faculty, research faculty, and lecturers are eligible to apply.

Proposals are accepted twice per year through InfoReady on September 15 and February 15. The number of awards will depend on available funds, but at least 20 awards per year are anticipated.

Proposals must include:

  • materials documenting the event to be traveled to (web link acceptable);
  • a brief narrative of less than 250 words describing the impact of the proposed travel on the proposer’s research trajectory;
  • a budget and justification showing total expense, funding sources, and total request.

 For more information and additional sources of supplemental funding, click HERE.

Research Allocations Committee

The Research Allocations Committee provides limited competition funds for faculty research projects. 
Click [HERE] for applications.

Annual Research Lectureship Award

Each year the University selects an outstanding scholar for the Annual Research Lectureship Award. For further information about nominations and to view videos of previous year's lecturers, click [HERE].

Teaching Enhancement Committee

The Teaching Enhancement Committee provides limited competition funds for faculty teaching improvement projects.