College of Arts & Science's Dean's List

Fall 2022

At the end of each Fall and Spring semester, the College of Arts & Sciences names to the College Honor Roll, or Dean's List, A&S students who have achieved outstanding academic success in that semester. To achieve this distinction, for students who have been fully admitted to the College of Arts & Sciences, a semester GPA of 3.75 is required on at least 12 graded credits.

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Nadeem, Anam

Nakai, John

Naranjo, Samuel

Narayanan, Vineet

Nava, Maria

Neas, Emiliano

Nelson, Ruya

Nevarez Rodriguez, Alexandro

Newman, Jess

Nez, Hailey

Ngo, Tina

Nguyen, Austin

Nguyen, Colin

Nguyen, Crystal

Nguyen, Danh

Nguyen, Diana

Nguyen, Diane

Nguyen, Emily

Nguyen, Huy

Nguyen, Jess

Nguyen, Kim

Nguyen, Phuong

Nguyen, Uyen-Trang

Nicholson, Sophia

Nield, Kenneth

Nield, Taressa

Nimer, Zeinab

Ninneman, Zachary

Noe, Sela

Nootenboom, Jamie

Nordstrom, Collin

Noriega Chacon, Maria