College of Arts & Science's Dean's List

Spring 2022

At the end of each Fall and Spring semester, the College of Arts & Sciences names to the College Honor Roll, or Dean's List, A&S students who have achieved outstanding academic success in that semester. To achieve this distinction, for students who have been fully admitted to the College of Arts & Sciences, a semester GPA of 3.75 is required on at least 12 graded credits.

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Waguespack, Ally

Walker, Cashmere

Walker, Elizabeth

Wall, Elary

Wall, Sydnee

Walter, Nathaniel

Wang, Enhui

Ward, Cameron

Ward, Ethan

Ward, Kaitlyn

Ware, Kaitlyn

Watry, Evan

Watts, Taylor

Webb, Nicole

Weinreich, Jacob

Weisberg, Abbigail

Weisberg, Isabel

Weldon, Marissa

Westemeier, Mari

Westerman, Jeremiah

White, Branden

White, Erin

Whitt, Natalie

Wibeto, Brianna

Wilks, Issa

Williams, Ally

Williams, Hannah

Wilson, Kellen

Wilson, Victoria

Winningham, Zee

Wipperman, Justin

Wise, Merit

Witthoft, Connor

Wommack, Trevor

Wood, Lily

Woodfin, Jade

Woods, Brooklyn