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Whether you're on campus or out of state, we're here for you.

If you don't know where to start or who to contact, please email and we will respond Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm, stop by the Arts & Sciences Center for Academic Success - University Advisement and Enrichment Center, Suite 135, or give us a call at 505-277-4621.

Current Students: Advisement Appointments | Registration Holds
Future Students (Freshman/Transfer)

Current Students

Make an Advisement Appointment

  • Log in to LoboAchieve with your NetID and password to make an appointment with your major advisor. This will be automatically populated on your LoboAchieve dashboard.
  • Click on the green + Schedule button.
  • Once you select the day and time of your appointment, indicate what kind of appointment you would like (videoconference, phone, or in person). If prompted, please write a short description of why you are meeting with your advisor.
  • To make an appointment with a different advisor:
    • LoboAchieve with your NetID and password.
    • Click on Advising Offices in the top navigation menu.
    • Scroll down to the College/School/Center of the advisor, and click on the "Show Advisors" drop down to learn about each advisor if you don't already know who to meet.
    • Click the green Schedule Appointment button.
    • Select the advisor on the left side to see their available times, select a date and time, indicate what kind of appointment you would like (videoconference, phone, or in person). If prompted, please write a short description of why you are meeting with your advisor.

Find an A&S Advisor by Program of Study

Advisor not listed on LoboAchieve? You can also email your advisor directly, or email for help.

Remove a Registration HOLD

Future Students

If you are not yet admitted/enrolled but would like to schedule an appointment with an advisor of your intended major, please visit Click NON-UNM SIGN IN to create an account. Follow the instructions above to make an appointment. 

Don't know what you want to study? That's fine! Email Bizzy at and she can talk with you about opportunities available in different programs in the College of Arts & Sciences.

If you are currently a CNM student who wants to study the Humanities at UNM, you can receive research stipends, personal mentoring, and more! Email Danielle at to get connected with the New Mexico Humanities Now! program.

A&S Advisement Workshops

If you need to complete one of our advisement workshops, you will receive a HOLD and will not be able to register for classes. These workshops are designed to teach students valuable skills and acquaint them with required resources at critical points in their academic career.

Due to the continued COVID pandemic, A&S Advisement Workshops will be offered online until further notice. If you have an associated hold that requires you to complete one of the workshops below, you will receive an email from with a link to complete the workshop. These emails will be sent to students with holds before mid-semester with follow up reminders.

Please complete the workshop well in advance of registration. Workshops can take up to two hours to complete and require you to submit an assignment via email to have your advisement hold removed. We may not be able to process your submitted assignment emails on the same business day during busy pre-registration advisement periods, so get it done early and save yourself from the last-minute scramble!

Graduation Planning Workshops
For students who have completed 75 or more credit hours and who anticipate graduating within the next 3 semesters.

New Student Learning Workshops
For all new students (Freshmen or Transfer students) intending to major in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Department Orientations***
For all students who have recently completed their pre-admission requirements and have transitioned from pre-major to major status.

***Department Orientations will be offered at scheduled times via Zoom. Advisors will email students with associated holds when their Department Orientations are scheduled. You must attend at the required time in order to have your hold removed, so please watch your UNM email!