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2018 Bilinski Fellowship Recipients

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Posted: May 3, 2018

With its third gift of $400,000 since 2013, the Bilinski Educational Foundation will continue to recognize excellent doctoral students in the humanities at UNM. Nine doctoral students have already completed their dissertations and degrees supported by Russell J. and Dorothy S. Bilinski Fellowships. The 2018 recipients for the Bilinski Fellowship stand out for their potential impact on both scholarship and community. Vincent Basso (English) focuses on the co-emergence of disaster culture and American literary naturalist fiction in turn-of-the-century United States. Elena Friot (History) is writing about how cultural memory of the Baatan Death March complicates the construction of a narrative of World War II that positions surrender, sacrifice, and defeat at the center of New Mexico’s wartime history and postwar commemorative practice. Kelly Hunnings (English) studies the literary network and productions of eighteenth-century laboring-class women in England, Ireland, and Scotland. Karol Ibarra (Spanish and Portuguese) is pursuing a project on phonetic reduction in Mexican spontaneous speech and its relation to lexical frequency. David Liakos (Philosophy) examines Hans-Georg Gadamer’s critique of modernity and his project of rehabilitation of the modern age. Maria Lopez (American Studies) focuses on the cultural politics of Filipina and Mexican domestic workers in the United States and their visibility in narratives of migration, cultural difference, and economic value.

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