The International Studies Institute at UNM presents its 2018 Fall Lecture Series “Migration Stories”:
“Study Abroad in the 21st Century: Language, Gender, and Race”
Dr. Wenhao Diao (University of Arizona)

October 29nd, 5:30-6:45pm, in 103 Education Building (immediately east of Zimmerman Library)

Study abroad receives increasing attention as globalization intensifies. This presentation begins with an overview of the trends of study abroad among American students, and then focuses on the issue of language learning in study abroad. By using examples from published studies and my own research examining American students in China, I explore these frequently asked questions: Is study abroad the best way to become fluent? What is it like to learn to speak like a woman or a man in a different language/culture when you live abroad? What is it like for people from underrepresented racial backgrounds to study abroad, and what about heritage speakers studying in their “ancestral home country” where they have never lived (e.g., Chinese-Americans studying abroad in China)?

For event updates: 505/277-1991