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How Secular Are Claims to the Holy Lands?

How Secular Are Claims to the Holy Lands? [article image]

When: Thu, Nov 08 2018 2:00pm

Where: 103 Education Building (Immediately east of Zimmerman Library)

The Jewish claim to the Holy Lands was originally rooted in Jewish peoplehood as defined religiously until the growing secularization of Jews during the 19th century shifted claims from an exclusively religious basis to one that incorporated secular concepts, particularly nationalism. Claims to Israel or Palestine that rely solely on the Covenant between God and the Jews or on the status of Palestine as a Waqf may persuade Jews and Muslims respectively, but have lesser effect when brought to courts of public opinion. We will discuss the Jewish views of the right to the land, taking into account that which is shared as well as differences that divide. 

This lecture series is supported in part by the Jewish Community Foundation of New Mexico. Dr. Troen's visit is under the auspices of the Association for Jewish Studies. All events are free and open to the public. Parking in the Yale garage off Lomas is the closest to the talks. 

For event updates: 505/277-1991