Lecturer Review and Promotion

UNM Lecturers with 5-10 years of experience may be considered for promotion to Senior Lecturer. Those with 11 or more years of experience may be considered for promotion to Principal Lecturer. This process includes a review and recommendation by the Department, followed by a review and recommendation by the College, and ultimately, approval by the Provost.

Years of service at another institution will count towards this experience as long as the service performed was in line with a Lecturer position.

Faculty Handbook C190, section B.3 also mentions a more specific annual review in the third year for continuing lecturers. This is equivalent to a mid-probationary review for Assistant Professors in that the lecturer should be reviewed for progress toward a two-year term appointment and toward the rank of Senior Lecturer.


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Department Reviewers

Materials required by the College for Lecturer promotion consideration:

  1. Curriculum Vitae (in College format)
  2. Teaching portfolio (for details, see the Teaching Portfolio Rubric)
  3. Teaching Record, to include:
  4. Research Statement (optional)
    • While research is not required of lecturers, engagement in significant scholarship should be part of the record.
  5. Service Statement
  6. List of Supplemental Materials
  7. Faculty/committee confidential recommendation forms from each evaluator
  8. Summary of Departmental Vote
  9. The Chair’s or Director's letter with recommendation on promotion
    • This letter must explain the contribution of the lecturer to the department’s teaching mission and take into account the materials above and the departmental vote.

General Timetable

  • Complete file must be submitted to the Arts and Sciences office by mid-Feburary.
  • A committee of faculty, including lecturers, from across the College will review the files and make a recommendation to the Dean by mid-March.
  • The Dean will make his recommendations to the Provost by March 30.
  • The Provost will send decision letters by June 30.

Negative decisions

  • A negative decision by the Department or the College will be communicated to the Lecturer within 5 business days of the decision.
  • The lecturer will be given a copy of this decision and will then have 10 business days to appeal this decision.
  • The lecturer may request redacted copies of evaluations to aid in preparing an appeal.
  • If a negative decision is sustained, procedures outlined in the Faculty Handbook will apply.