General Education Assessment

CourseCourse Name
Area 1: Writing and Speaking
COMM 1130Public Speaking
ENGL 1110Composition I
ENGL 1120Composition II
ENGL 2210Technical and Professional Writing
ENGL 2120Intermediate Composition
PHIL 1120Logic, Reasoning and Critical Thinking
Area 2: Mathematics
MATH 1220College Algebra
MATH 1130A Survey of Mathematics
MATH 1250Trigonometry & Pre-Calculus
MATH 1350Intro. to Statistics
MATH 1240Pre-Calculus Mathematics
MATH 1512Calculus I
MATH 1522Calculus II
MATH 1430Applications of Calculus I
MATH 1440Applications of Calculus II
MATH 2118Math for Elementary and Middle School Teachers
Area 3: Physical and Natural Sciences 
ANTH 1221Archeological Method & Theory
ANTH 1211LArcheological Method & Theory Lab
ANTH 1135Evolution & Human Emergence
ANTH 1135LEvolution & Human Emergence Lab
ANTH 1170Human Life Course
ANTH 1170LHuman Life Course Lab
ASTR 1115Intro to Astronomy
ASTR 1115LIntroduction to Astronomy Lab
BIOL 1110General Biology
BIOL1110LGeneral Biology Lab
BIOL 1140Biology for Health Sciences
BIOL 1140LBiology for Health Sciences Lab
CHEM 1110CChemistry in our Community
CHEM 1120CIntro. Chemistry for Non-Majors
CHEM 1215General Chemistry I for STEM Majors
CHEM 1225General Chemistry II for STEM Majors
CHEM 1215LGeneral Chemistry I Lab for STEM Majors
CHEM 1225LGeneral Chemistry II Lab for STEM Majors
CHEM 1217 Principles of Chemistry I
CHEM 1227 Principles of Chemistry II
ENVS 1130The Blue Planet
ENVS 1130LThe Blue Planet Lab
GEOL 1110 Physical Geology
GEOL 1110LPhysical Geology Lab
GEOL 2110CEarth History
GEOG 1160Home Planet Land, Water & Life
GEOG 1160LHome Planet Lab
PHYS 1115Survey of Physics
PHYS 1115LSurvey of Physics Lab
PHYS 1110Physics and Society
PHYS 1125Physics of Music
PHYS 1125LPhysics of Music Lab
PHYS 1230Algebra-Based Physics I
PHYS 1230LAlegbra-Based Physics I Lab
PHYS 1240Algebra-Based Physics II
PHYS 1240LAlebra-Based Physics II Lab
PHYS 1310Calculus-Based Physics I
PHYS 1310LCalculus-Based Physics I Lab
PHYS 1320Calculus-Based Physics II
PHYS 1320LCalculus-Based Physics II Lab
Area 4: Social and Behaviorial Sciences 
AFST 1120Race in the Digital Age
AMST 1110Intro to Environmental and Social Justice
AMST 1140Introduction to Race, Class, & Ethnicity
ANTH 1115Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 1155Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
ANTH 1140Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 2175World Archaeology
CCST 1110Intro to Comparative Global and Ethnic Societies
CRP 181Intro to Environmental Planning
ECON 2110Intro to Macroeconomics
ECON 2120Intro to Microeconomics
GEOG 1165People and Place
GEOG 217Energy, Environment, and Society
LING 2110Intro to the Study of Language and Linguistics
ME 217Energy, Environment, and Society
PH 101Introduction to Population Health
PH 102Global Health Challenges and Responses
POLS 1140The Political World
POLS 1120American Politics
POLS 2110Comparative Politics
POLS 2120International Politics
PSYC 1110Intro to Psychology
SOCI 1110Intro to Sociology
SOCI 2315Dynamics of Difference, Power, and Discrimination
Area 5: Humanities 
AFST 1110Introduction to Africana Studies
AMST 1150Intro to Southwest Studies
CCST 2110Intro to Chicano and Chicana Studies
CLST 1110Greek Mythology
CLST 2110Greek Civilization
CLST 2120Roman Civilization 
COMP 222Fairy and Folk Tales Comparative Literature
COMP 224Literary Questions
ENGL 1410Introduction to Literature
ENGL 2650World Literature I
ENGL 2660World Literature II
GEOG 1175World Regions
HIST 1110United States History I
HIST 1120United States History II
HIST 1150Western Civilization I
HIST 1160Western Civilization II
HIST 1170History of Early Latin America
HIST 1180Modern Latin American History
MLNG 1110Approaches to Languages and Cultures
NATV 1150Introduction to Native American Studies
PHIL 1115Intro to Philosophy
PHIL 2225Greek Thought
PHIL 2210Early Modern Philosophy
RELG 1110Intro to World Religions
RELG 2110Eastern Religions
RELG 2120Western Religions
Area 6: Non-English Language 
ARAB 1130Arabic I Intensive
ARAB 2130Arabic II Intensive
ARAB 2140Intermediate Arabic I Intensive
ARAB 2150Intermediate Arabic II Intensive
CHIN 1130Mandarin Chinese I Intensive
CHIN 1140Mandarin Chinese II Intensive
CHIN 2110Mandarin Chinese III
CHIN 2120Mandarin Chinese IV
FREN 1110French I
FREN 1120French II
FREN 2110French III
FREN 2120French IV
FREN 2145Intermediate French Conversation
FREN 1150Accelerated Beginning French
FREN 2140Intensive Intermediate French
GREK 1110Greek I
GREK 1120Greek II
GREK 2110Greek III
GREK 2120Greek IV
GRMN 1110German I
GRMN 1120German II
GRMN 2110German III
GRMN 2120German IV
GRMN 2140Intermediate German Conversation
ITAL 1130Accelerated Elementary Italian
ITAL 2130Accelerated Intermediate Italian
JAPN 1130Japanese Intensive I
JAPN 1135Japanese Intensive II
JAPN 2110Japanese III
JAPN 2120Japanese IV
LATN 1110Latin I
LATN 1120Latin II
LATN 2110Latin III
LATN 2120Latin IV
NAVA 1110Navajo I
NAVA 1120Navajo II
NAVA 2110Intermediate Navajo I
NAVA 2120Intermediate Navajo II
PORT 1110Portuguese I
PORT 1120Portuguese II
PORT 2120Intensive Portuguese for Spanish Speakers
PORT 2110Elementary Portuguese
PORT 2115Intensive Intermediate Portuguese
RUSS 1110Russian I
RUSS 1120Russian II
RUSS 2110Russian III
RUSS 2120Russian IV
SIGN 2125Intro to Signed Language
SPAN 1110Spanish I
SPAN 1120Spanish II
SPAN 1125Conversational Spanish I
SPAN 1210Spanish for Heritage Learners I
SPAN 1220Spanish for Heritage Learners II
SPAN 200Intermediate Spanish Abroad
SPAN 2110Spanish III
SPAN 2120Spanish IV
SPAN 2125Conversational Spanish II
SPAN 2210Spanish for Heritage Learners III
SPAN 2220Spanish for Heritage Learners IV
SPAN 2420Intro to Medical Spanish
SWAH 101Swahili I



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