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Classroom Management


The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning offers periodic topical workshops and individualized teaching assessment consulting for faculty.  For more information on these services go to

Media/Technology Support

In addition to departmental level support, faculty may call upon Media Technology Services for assistance with training in PowerPoint presentations, developing video and slide resources for classes and equipment.  For more information go to

Disabled Student Services

The University has an office responsible for providing such services.  These resources include deaf and hard of hearing services and learning disability services.  For more information go to

Tutorial Services

Faculty with students who need some general help with basic skills and content in lower division courses should direct the students to the Center for Academic Program Support in Zimmerman Library.  The Center has trained tutors available to help students with writing, research, computation, and study skills difficulties.  The Center also offers a series of workshops for new students.  For more information go to CAPS

Dean of Students Services

The Dean of Students is available to help with any student disciplinary problems.  Faculty should first consult the Pathfinder, which details expectations for student conduct in class and other issues, such as plagiarism.  The Dean of Students is also helpful in addressing other personal (family, financial, housing, etc) difficulties students may encounter.   For more information go to

Faculty Governance

The key document covering faculty governance issues is the Faculty Handbook. Each year the College holds an election for open positions on the Senate and the Senate calls for nominees to various committees.  

Following are useful links to faculty governance pages.

All Student Enquiries should be directed to or (505) 277-4621