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Congratulations to Faculty

Turner Ranch Awards

Posted: July 9, 2012

Applause goes out to the following faculty awarded funds for the College of Arts and Sciences and Turner Enterprises, Inc. collaboration. The proposals were based on topics meant to encompass the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities and to include addressing the historical, cultural, societal, economic, and ethical issues surrounding the Ranches. Of the numerous proposals submitted, the following 5 were selected.

Please congratulate your fellow colleagues

Biology:Joseph A. Cook, Christopher Witt, Jon Dunnum and Andrew Johnson
Long-term Archive for Mammals and Birds Across Space and Time (LAMBAST): Building a Resource Integrated Across Vertebrates for the Ladder and Armendaris Ranches in New Mexico to Assess Environmental Change.
Biology:Scott Collins, Michelle Nuanez, and J. Ben Wright
Engage and Inspire NM Youth Through Ecological Research Surrounding Bison Grazed Grassland Communities at the NM Turner Ranches.
Economics:Jennifer Thacher and Janie Chermak
Maximizing Ecological Sustainability While Ensuring Economic Viability on the Armendaris Ranch: Valuing Tradeoffs among Competing Ranch Activities.
Geography:Maria D. Lane and Christopher D. Lippitt
Emerging Landscapes, Evolving Priorities: Assessing the Intersections between Land Cover Change and the Management of Introduced Species and Habitats on the Turner Ranches in Southern New Mexico.
History:Samuel Truett
Historic Sites, Networks, and Baselines on the Armendaris and Ladder Ranches: Creating an Inventory-Archive of Historical Data for Cross-Disciplinary, Integrated Research on Climate and Environmental Change.

All Student Enquiries should be directed to or (505) 277-4621