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Lecture: How Jews Became Israelis by Derek Penslar

Lecture: How Jews Became Israelis by Derek Penslar [article image]

When: Fri, Sep 11 2015 9:45am  Fri, Sep 11 2015 10:50am 

Where: Keller Hall (Popejoy) UNM

International Studies Institute presents
The 2nd 2015 Lecture in Contemporary Jewish Studies

How Jews Became Israelis

by Derek Penslar, Ph.D., FRSC
Samuel Zacks Professor of Jewish History, University of Toronto, Canada
Stanley Lewis Professor of Israel Studies, University of Oxford, England

Friday, Sept. 11 • Keller Hall (Popejoy) UNM
9:45 — 10:50 am  Introduction & Lecture
Q & A and Reception to follow

The Zionist revolution was part of the great transformative movements of the 20th century. It sought to transform the Jews from a people always on the move to one rooted in their ancient homeland; from a nation of merchants to one of farmers and laborers; from a multi-lingual civilization to a new Hebraic one; from a timid Jacob to a brave and militant David. This lecture tells the story of the Zionist revolution, its fulfillment in the creation of the state of Israel in 1948, the mass immigration of the 1950s, and its many transformations ever since.

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