The Faculty Senate Teaching Enhancement Committee and the Center for Teaching Excellence have selected the 2014-2015 UNM Teacher of the Year Award winners, and the College of Arts & Sciences is proud to announce awardees in every category. We extend our hearty congratulations to the following winners, and encourage faculty, staff, and students to attend the awards ceremony on Wednesday, April 29, 2015, from 2:00 – 4:00 pm in SUB Ballroom C.

2015-2017 Presidential Teaching Fellow

Tema Milstein, Communication & Journalism
The Presidential Teaching Fellowship promotes excellence in teaching by establishing a core group of faculty who are given the highest recognition for their effective teaching. Fellows carry a special responsibility for ensuring teaching excellence by sharing their expertise with the University Community.

2014-2015 Outstanding Teacher of the Year

Judy Bieber, History
The Teacher of the Year Award recognizes and rewards teaching excellence and fosters a campus climate that supports teaching improvement and accomplishment.

2014-2015 New Teacher of the Year

Naomi Shin, Spanish & Portuguese and Linguistics
The New Teacher of the Year Award recognizes accomplished educators who are recent additions to the UNM faculty prior to the achievement of tenure.

2014-2015 Online Teacher of the Year

Andrew Bourelle, English
This award acknowledges excellence in the challenging teaching and learning arena of online distance education.

2014-2015 Lecturer or Affiliated Teachers of the Year

Mark Morgan-Tracy, Physics Astronomy
Jason Wilby, Foreign Languages Literatures
This award recognizes the contributions to UNM’s teaching mission by consistently employed, non-tenure-track faculty.

2014-2015 Susan Deese-Roberts Outstanding Teaching Assistants

Andy Barrientos, Spanish Portuguese
Keiko Beers, Linguistics
Katherine Cauthen, Math and Statistics
Breanna Griego-Schmitt, English
Rachel Levitt, American Studies
Stephanie Spong, English

This award recognizes and rewards the teaching achievements of graduate students.