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Jeff MacNutt

Senior Director of A&S Development

Yolanda Dominguez

A&S Development Officer

College of Arts & Sciences

MSC03 2120
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Physical Location:
Ortega Hall

Phone: Main Line: 277-3046
Fax: 277-0351

Supporting the College of Arts & Sciences

The UNM College of Arts and Sciences is the heart and soul of the University of New Mexico and a launching pad for many rewarding lives. It is the starting point for an amazing number of careers and important contributions in the realms of the sciences, the social sciences and the humanities.  Our graduates go on to change the future of our state, our nation and the world. Thank you for changing their world - and ours.

Your private financial support will provide increased access and opportunity for students; innovative research; new and improved technologies, equipment and facilities; and recruitment and retention of faculty who make UNM one of the best research institutions in the region.

If you are also interested in planned giving or other funding opportunities for the UNM College of Arts & Sciences, please contact Jeffrey MacNutt, Senior Director of Development at or at 505-277-0817.

How to Give Online:

Giving online is easy! Click on any department or program listed on the left to select a College of Arts & Sciences fund to support. Then, follow these steps to make a tax-deductible credit card gift online:

Step 1 - Find the fund you wish to donate to below by Department or Program. If the fund is linked to its giving page just click on it and complete your donation, otherwise copy the funding number and name of the program and complete the steps below.

Find Fund... Department Program

Department - Biology

Department - College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office

Department - English

Department - Foreign Languages & Literature

Department - Linguistics

  • 607760 Dr. Phyllis Perrin Wilcox Endowed Scholarship in Signed Language Interpreting
  • 608620 Joseph H. and Selma Greenberg Fellowship Endowment Fund
  • 604270 Robert W. Young Scholarship Fund
  • 200294 Linguistics Chairman's Fund
  • 597149 Linguistics Conference Fund
  • 200591 Linguistics Research and Professional Development
  • 200848 Sign Language Program
  • 202270 Steven Menefee Graduate Fund for Indigenous Language Revitalization

Department - Mathematics & Statistics

  • 608010 Eleanor Marron and J. Joseph Lopez Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics and Statistics
  • 202323 Albuquerque Math Teachers Circle
  • 200859 Math General Fund
  • 201560 PNM/UNM Math Contest
  • 202404 Statistics Consulting Clinic Fund

Office of Contract Archeology (OCA)

Department - Philosophy

  • 602070 Brian O'Neil Memorial Lectureship in Philosophy
  • 670420 Gwen J. Barrett Endowment in Philosophy
  • 623760 The Paul F. Schmidt Fund in Philosophy
  • 200910 Department of Philosophy

Department - Sociology

  • 630300 Christopher A. W. McGee Memorial Award
  • 606250 Miguel Korzeniewicz Endowed Memorial Fund in Comparative Sociology
  • 609120 Philip B. Gonzales Latino Research Fund
  • 200133 Department of Sociology Chairman's Fund
  • 202374 Institute for Social Research

Department - Spanish & Portuguese

Program - BA/MD Program

Program - Feminist Research Institute

Program - Institute of Meteoritics

  • 511903 Institute of Meteoritics
  • 518129 Institute of Meteoritics Curation Fund
  • 513308 Institute of Meteoritics Microprobe/Sem Lab
  • 202012 Tim H. McElvain Fund for Research on Impact Cratering on Earth

Program - International Studies Institute

Program - Maxwell Museum

  • 202306 Graduate Museum Studies Fund
  • 202119 Kathie Buchanan Fund
  • 201244 Krisztina Kosse Memorial Fund
  • 202327 Maxwell Museum Archives and Library Fund
  • 201129 Maxwell Museum Director's Fund
  • 593726 Maxwell Museum Education Fund
  • 202126 Maxwell Museum Exhibits General
  • 200244 Maxwell Museum General Fund

Program - Museum of Southwestern Biology

Program - NM Historical Review

  • 630330 Gilberto Espinosa Award
  • 201261 Eleanor B. Adams Prize in History
  • 201960 New Mexico Historical Review

Office of Contract Archeology (OCA)

Program - Religious Studies

  • 608060 Chair in Roman Catholic Studies
  • 603530 Joyce Rogers Religious Studies Memorial
  • 606680 Religious Studies Endowment
  • 200121 Religious Studies Program

Program - Signed Language Interpreting Program (SLIP)

Program - Sustainability Studies Program

Program - Women Studies

  • 200925 Women Studies Program
  • 202200 Feminist Research Institute

Step 2 - Visit

Step 3 - Fill in the requested information.

Step 4 - In the box labeled "Add comments on this gift, or indicate the name of a person you'd like to memorialize or honor" type in the Fund name and number of the fund you'd like to donate to.

Step 5 - Complete your gift by clicking on Add Payment and Checkout.

*Note: to give to a fund not listed follow the steps above and enter your desired fund using the same instructions.

How to Give by Check:

  1. Make the check payable to the UNM Foundation.
  2. Enter Fund Name and Number on the memo line.
  3. Mail to:  UNM Foundation, 700 Lomas NE, Ste 108, Albuquerque, NM 87102.

You will receive a heartfelt thank you and a receipt of your gift!  Thank you!