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Welcome to the Advisement Center

We are here to support student success!

Arts and Sciences firmly believe that we are partners with our students.  Together we embark on an educational journey .  We are the navigators while the students are the drivers.  We educate our students on pathways to degrees. We expose our students to strategies, tools and resources that support their progress.  We offer enhancement opportunities by connecting the students with their department and other resources. 

What we don't do:  we do not choose for our students.  We Advise - You Decide

What do we offer:

We offer our students several modes of connecting and communicating with us. Click here for detailed description of delivery methods.

Where are We Located?

Our advisors spend most of their time in the departments of the students they serve but the Advisement Center is our "Hub" and you can always ask us in the center where to go for your individual needs.

Map to advisement center

Quick Resources:

For Students

Orientations Surveys

Schedule an advisement session online

Advisement Hours

Monday - Friday

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Appointments and walk-ins vary with advisor - see LoboAchieve for details.


Tuesdays 1:15-4:30 pm (Fall and Spring only)


Fridays 8:15-11:45 am and 1:15-4:30 pm  (Fall/Spring/Summer)

All student inquiries should be directed to or (505) 277-4621