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Advisement Hours

*Please note new hours

Monday - Thursday

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Appointments and walk-ins vary with advisor - see LoboAchieve for details.

**Some late-hour appointments (after 5:00 pm) are available; to schedule an evening appointment, contact the Advisement Center front desk.


8:00 am to 4:00 pm


College of Arts & Sciences Advisement

1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Physical Location:
Student Services Building

Phone: 277-4621
Fax: 277-3163

Advisors By Major

African American Studies Holly Meyer  
Africana Studies Holly Meyer  
American Studies Holly Meyer  
Anthropology Holly Meyer  
Art College of Fine Arts  
Asian Studies Holly Meyer  
Astrophysics Brian Vineyard  
Biochemistry Valarie Maestas  
Biology Joshua Gallegos, Karen Majors, Miguel Pena  
Chemistry Valarie Maestas  
Classical Studies Nancy Diodati-Miller  
Comp Lit & Cultural Studies Nancy Diodati-Miller  
Criminology Ann Mazur  
Earth & Planetary Sciences Brian Vineyard  
Economics Ethan Prueitt  
Economics-Philosophy Ethan Prueitt  
English Meghan Lippert  
English-Philosophy Meghan Lippert  
Environmental Science Brian Vineyard  
European Studies Holly Meyer  
Family Studies Miquela Oriz  
French Nancy Diodati-Miller  
Geography Holly Meyer  
German Nancy Diodati-Miller  
History Nancy Diodati-Miller  
International Studies Holly Meyer  
Languages Nancy Diodati-Miller  
Latin American Studies Holly Meyer  
Linguistics Meghan Lippert  
Mathematics Brian Vineyard  
Peace Studies Holly Meyer  
Philosophy Nancy Diodati-Miller  
Physics Brian Vineyard  
Physics & Astrophysics Brian Vineyard  
Political Science Ethan Prueitt  
Portuguese Kate Merrill  
Psychology Keelan O'Riley  
Religious Studies Nancy Diodati-Miller  
Russian Nancy Diodati-Miller  
Signed Language Interpreting Meghan Lippert  
Sociology Ann Mazur  
Spanish Kate Merrill  
Speech & Hearing Sciences Cameron Langner  
Statistics Brian Vineyard  
Sustainability Studies Holly Meyer  
Women Studies Holly Meyer  

Advisement Staff

Front Desk 277-4621
Julie Bustamante Coordinator 277-4621
Kelli Huslander Coordinator 277-4621
William McClary Coordinator 277-4621
Stephanie Hands Director, Arts & Sciences Advisement 277-3493
Kathie Watland Unit Administrator 277-3493