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Advisement Hours

*Please note new hours

Monday - Thursday

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Appointments and walk-ins vary with advisor - see LoboAchieve for details.

**Some late-hour appointments (after 5:00 pm) are available; to schedule an evening appointment, contact the Advisement Center front desk.


8:00 am to 4:00 pm


College of Arts & Sciences Advisement

1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Physical Location:
University Advisement & Enrichment Center
Bld 85, Suite 135

Phone: (505) 277-4621
Fax: (505) 277-3163

Advisors By Major

Click on the major name to download a PDF of that major's roadmap
If you don't see an Advisor listed for your Major, please call our Front Desk at (505) 277-4621 for more information.

MAJOR (click for roadmap)A&S ADVISOREMAIL
Africana StudiesNancy Diodati-Miller
American StudiesFarah Nousheen
AnthropologyRussell Friedman
Asian StudiesFarah Nousheen
AstrophysicsKrista Navarrette
BiochemistryValarie Maestas
Krista Navarrette
BiologyKaren Majors
Ragina Pena
ChemistryValarie Maestas
Chicano-Chicana StudiesFarah Nousheen
Classical StudiesKate Merrill
CommunicationGregoria Cavazos
Comp Lit and Cultural StudiesKate Merrill
CriminologyCrystle Collier
Megan Eding
Earth and Planetary SciencesBrian Vineyard
East Asian StudiesFarah Nousheen
EconomicsMeghan Lippert
English-PhilosophyRussell Friedman
English StudiesRussell Friedman
Environmental ScienceBrian Vineyard
Family StudiesMiquela Ortiz
FrenchKate Merrill
GeographyMiquela Ortiz
GermanKate Merrill
HistoryNancy Diodati-Miller
International StudiesFarah Nousheen
Journalism and Mass CommunicationGregoria Cavazos
LanguagesNancy Diodati-Miller
Latin American StudiesRagina Pena
LinguisticsMeghan Lippert
MathematicsKrista Navarrette
PhilosophyFarah Nousheen
PhysicsKrista Navarrette
Physics and AstrophysicsKrista Navarrette
Political Science
PortugueseKate Merrill
PsychologySimone-Felice Guambana
Keelan O'Riley
Jennifer Serrano
Religious StudiesFarah Nousheen
RussianNancy Diodati-Miller
Signed Language InterpretingMeghan Lippert
SociologyCrystle Collier
Megan Eding
SpanishKate Merrill
Speech and Hearing SciencesCameron Langner
StatisticsKrista Navarrette
Women StudiesFarah Nousheen

Advisement Center Staff

Front Desk 277-4621
Alia Hussain Academic Advisor/Front Desk Supervisor 277-4621
Julie Bustamante Coordinator 277-4621
Kelli Huslander Coordinator 277-4621
William McClary Coordinator 277-4621
Stephanie Hands Director, A&S Advisement 277-3493
Kathie Watland Unit Administrator 277-3493