Advisors By Major

Click on the major name to download a PDF of that major's roadmap. Roadmaps vary from catalog year to catalog year, new 2019/2020 roadmaps are coming soon.
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MAJOR (click for roadmap)A&S ADVISOREMAIL
Accelerated Online Programs (AOPs)Guinevere Beard
Africana StudiesFarah Nousheen
American StudiesFarah Nousheen
AnthropologyErica Henderson
Asian Studies (minor)Farah Nousheen
AstrophysicsMaggie Sumruld
Biochemistry (major only)Amanda Cook
Keelan O'Riley
BiologyTyler Clayshulte
Lili Dai
ChemistryAmanda Cook
Keelan O'Riley
Chicana/o StudiesErica Henderson
Farah Nousheen
Classical StudiesKate Merrill
CommunicationVictoria Lobato
Cory Muñoz
Comp Lit and Cultural StudiesKate Merrill
CriminologyNita Kelly
Chris Lynch
Earth and Planetary SciencesMaggie Sumruld
East Asian Studies (major only)Kate Merrill
EconomicsNathanael Faust-Shucker
English-Philosophy (major only)Kelly Aragon
English StudiesKelly Aragon
Environmental ScienceMaggie Sumruld
Family StudiesStephanie Hands
FrenchKate Merrill
Geography and Environmental StudiesMaggie Sumruld
GermanKate Merrill
HistoryErica Henderson
International StudiesFarah Nousheen
Journalism and Mass CommunicationVictoria Lobato
Cory Muñoz
LanguagesKate Merrill
Latin American StudiesErica Henderson
Farah Nousheen
LinguisticsKate Merrill
MathematicsAmanda Cook
Keelan O'Riley
Native American StudiesCatherine Montoya
Peace Studies (minor)Farah Nousheen
PhilosophyKelly Aragon
PhysicsMaggie Sumruld
Physics and Astrophysics (major only)Maggie Sumruld
Political ScienceNathanael Faust-Shucker
Cory Muñoz
PortugueseKate Merrill
PsychologyGuinevere Beard
Debra Nieto
Jennifer Serrano
Religious StudiesFarah Nousheen
RussianKate Merrill
Signed Language Interpreting (major only)Kate Merrill
SociologyNita Kelly
Chris Lynch
SpanishKate Merrill
Speech and Hearing SciencesFarah Nousheen
StatisticsAmanda Cook
Keelan O'Riley
Sustainability Studies (minor)Maggie Sumruld
Women, Gender, and Sexuality StudiesFarah Nousheen

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