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A&S Scholarship Program

Thanks to the generosity of many donors, the College of Arts and Sciences offers a variety of undergraduate scholarships across many disciplines in Arts & Sciences. Due to the competitive nature of these scholarships, we only accept applications from main campus students who will have achieved a junior level status (at least 60 credit hours) by the start of the following fall semester.

Please check back in February, 2020 for application procedures. We only accept applications during the month of February.

Frequently asked questions about our scholarship program can be found in the A&S Scholarship Guidelines, found here:

Download the A&S Scholarship Guidelines

For more information please contact:

Alice M. Hollow Horn
Scholarship Coordinator
College of Arts & Sciences
The University of New Mexico

The following is a complete list of scholarships provided by the College.

Currently Offered Undergraduate Scholarships

no scholarships currently offered

Other Scholarships (Not Currently Offered)

Click on scholarship for more information.

A&S General Scholarships

Only one copy of each required form/material is needed for A&S General scholarships.

Other Scholarships

Refer to individual scholarship for application process and description.

CT French donors and recipients

Front row: Yolanda Dominguez (Senior Director of Development, College of Arts & Sciences), Gracy Herrera (Chester French Stewart and Diana Stewart Summer 2018 Scholarship recipient), Cynthia Perez (C.T. French Summer 2018 Scholarship recipient), Duffy Swan

Second Row: Tom Antram, Keri Antram, Jean Ann Swan

Third Row: Mark Peceny (Dean, College of Arts & Sciences), Margaret Ortega (Director of Development, College of Arts & Sciences)

Back: Chester "Chet" French Stewart

Tom Antram, Duffy Swan and Chet French Stewart are 3 of 4 owners of French Funerals & Cremations. We are grateful for their generous support through the Chester French Stewart & Diana Stewart and C.T. French Stewart scholarships.

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