The Bruce R. Erdal Endowed Scholarship

Scholarship Type: General

Eligibility: Hard sciences, math AND interest in the arts- performing arts including music, dance and theatre

Currently Offered?: Yes

Application Information

See the A&S General Scholarships application information on the A&S scholarships page.


Required Application Material:

  • SAR (Student Aid Report). Students must demonstrate financial need by completing a current FAFSA (2015-2016) and submitting a SAR. Need shall be defined according to the guidelines established by the UNM Scholarship office. The EFC (Estimated Family Contribution) which is included in the student aid report, is crucial when demonstrating financial need.
  • Personal Statement. Letters should be addressed to the “Scholarship Selection Committee” and include goals for current academic program (why you chose your major/minor) and future academic/career goals. This is an opportunity for a student to explain why they would make a good candidate for this specific scholarship. Personal statements should be around one page in length. (1.5 spacing) Please proof read your letter before you submit.
  • One letter of recommendation from a faculty member familiar with your work. Letters from faculty members from other higher education institutions are also accepted.
  • Completed Application Form (see above)

Must maintain good academic standing as determined by the college of Arts & Sciences