Issa Sakaki Merrill Scholarship

Scholarship Type: General

Currently Offered?: No


To support A&S students who are pursuing a demonstrated academic interest in conflict, conflict resolution, conflict transformation, or peacemaking.


  • Students pursuing a degree at the College of Arts and Sciences. May be undergraduate or graduate. Full or part time. Change of full/part time status will not affect receiving this award.
  • Students who have demonstrated interest and have background in conflict, conflict resolution, conflict transformation, and peacemaking.
  • Students with financial need are eligible to apply for the award.


  • Good academic standing.
  • Applicant who has demonstrated interest in and has background in conflict, conflict resolution, confliction transformation, showing promise in the study of peacemaking.
  • Applicant will submit an essay of 300-500 words, describing their background and/or interest in the fields of conflict, conflict resolution, conflict transformation, and the promotion of peace.
  • Applicant will provide two or more letters of recommendation from a faculty member (high school or college) or principal member of a relevant organization.
  • Preference for the visually impaired.
  • Preference for students majoring in Political Science. If an eligible Political Science student does not apply, students with the following majors are preferred: Africana Studies, American Studies, Anthropology, International Studies, Religious Studies, Women's Studies or any other department within Arts and Sciences.
  • Preference given to past recipients of the award returning to UNM after leaving.
  • Recipients must complete a report to 3 people: The Donor ( or the Donor's designee) their department chair, and the Dean of Arts and Sciences explaining how the award helped them promote peace and earn their degree.
  • Recipients must be willing to make at least one presentation to one of the following groups: Peace Studies Program ( or Department) at UNM, Albuquerque Quakers, Albuquerque Center for Peace and Social Justice, or their department. This presentation will review how the scholarship has helped them study peacemaking and advanced their studies.
  • Scholarship is renewable each year.