A&S Student Success Access Grant

Scholarship Type: Advisement

Eligibility: A&S majors and pre-majors, once every 4 semesters

Currently Offered?: No

Application Information

This grant is administered by the Arts & Sciences Center for Academic Success (ASCAS).

  • Submit a FAFSA application for the aid year.
  • If you are unable to apply for federal funds, then you will need to apply for State Aid:
  • Our application asks whether you are a US citizen: this is ONLY asked to confirm which form we need to submit. Your citizenship will in no way impact your scholarship qualification.
    As mentioned above, students who are unable to apply for federal aid will need to apply for State Aid before applying to this grant.
  • Fill out and submit the Student Success Access Grant Application. You do not need to fill out the A&S General Scholarship Application in addition to this application.
If you have any questions or need help in the application process, email the Arts & Sciences Center for Academic Success (ASCAS) front desk at asadvise@unm.edu.

Deadline to apply: Rolling deadline - apply when you need to.


Our Student Success Access Grant is for students who are struggling financially to either pay for their education, or are lacking tools for success due to financial constraints.

Award amount varies and is dependent on tangible ways this funding would support your academic success. In your application, please include an explanation as to how this financial aid will help you on your path to finishing a degree (paying down Bursar account to register for courses, course fees, books, laptop, Internet access, food, etc.). Please email the ASCAS front desk at asadvise@unm.edu with any questions.

***Students are ineligible if they have already received this grant OR the A&S Summer Success Grant in the past four semesters.***

General Notes

Students can only be awarded this grant OR the A&S Summer Success Grant  once every four semesters, unless there are extenuating circumstances which should be mentioned in your application.

If you have a Bursar’s hold for a past due balance and wish to register for the next semester, your hold will not be lifted until the Open Registration period starts.

If you are informed that you must make a payment of a certain amount by the Enrollment Cancellation Deadline, you must do so, otherwise they will be disenrolled.

Grant funds will not be dispersed until after the 3rd week of the new semester and will be deposited into the student’s Bursar account. This grant will first cover any current balances on your Bursar account, and any leftover funds will be refunded to the student.


  • The minimum GPA is 2.0.
  • This award is only available to Arts and Sciences Undergraduate students - pre-majors or majors.
  • Once awarded the grant, students are required to meet with their advisor in order to assess any required courses needed for their degree.
  • Students will need to register for at least 6 credit hours towards their degree.
  • Students must be registered for courses in a current or upcoming semester to receive the award.