Annual Reviews

The authoritative text for faculty is the Faculty Handbook, which spells out university-wide guidelines for annual reviews.

Questions concerning the review process that cannot be answered by the Department Chair should be referred to Philip Ganderton, Senior Associate Dean, in the Arts and Sciences office.

Annual Review

All faculty, tenured, tenure-track and lecturers, are subject to annual review.

Reviews for tenured faculty are conducted according to individual post-tenure policies developed at the department level. Tenured and tenure-track faculty reviews take place in the spring and are based on a yearly report prepared by each faculty member. Each department has guidelines for the information contained in the review. Junior faculty annual reviews typically include some consultation between the chair and senior faculty;

Lecturers in their second or subsequent year of service may have their review in either the Spring or the Fall semester, at the discretion of the chair or director. Because the Faculty Handbook requires a December 15 notification of any decision to not renew a lecturer's contract, it indicates a fall review of lecturers. However, the College will accept a non-renewal decision based on the previous spring review supplemented by any relevant information from the summer and fall before the decision.

Lecturers in their third year will have a more specific annual review, equivalent to a mid-probationary review for assistant professors. The lecturer should be reviewed for progress toward the rank of Senior Lecturer and appropriateness of a two-year term appointment. (See policy C190, section B.3)

Lecturers in their first year of service are to be reviewed no later than February 28.

For any lecturer or tenure-track faculty member being recommended for promotion, the promotion evaluation constitutes the annual review. However, the chair or director must still write a brief letter for the dean summarizing just the past year.

In all cases the faculty member receives a copy of the review and an opportunity to discuss it with the chair. For more information on the annual review process, see Faculty Handbook section B4.