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Sociology & Criminology Advisement FAQ

Departmental Advisement FAQ

Scheduling an Appointment

Please note that you will receive an email response within TWO business days (48 hours 8-5 M-F). Busy times like registration, turnaround time may be longer. If it is pressing, please schedule an appointment or visit during walk-ins, if appointment slots are not available.

Email contact is In your emails, please include your UNM ID number.

To schedule an appointment with me, please use Click on the link "schedule appointment" at the top of the screen. You may also call the Arts & Science Advisement Center at 505.277.4621 or the Sociology Office at 505.277.2501. LoboAchieve lists walk-in availability, when a longer appointment is not needed. Walk-ins are first come, first serve and are limited to 15 minutes.

The sociology and criminology department is located on the 1st floor in the Social Sciences building on UNM's main campus. We are building 78 on the main campus map. Check in for appointments in Social Sciences 1103. Main campus map can be found here:

Please note: Students who are 10 minutes or more late to an appointment may be asked to re-schedule.


No holds will be removed during walk-ins! If you have an advising hold, you will receive an email from and/or Please see that email for more information on your hold. Holds are placed at the start of or before the start of the term.

Information on advisement holds:

If you have a Graduate Planning Workshop hold or a New Student Learning Workshop hold, please call A&S to schedule one of the workshops at 277-4621. The hold WILL NOT be removed during appointments or walk-ins.

If you have a Mandatory Department Orientation hold, this means you have been admitted into the College of Arts & Sciences and must attend one of the CRIM/SOC department orientations. An advisor will email all of the students who have this hold with further instructions on the dates/times/location of the orientations and how to schedule one. The hold WILL NOT be removed during appointments or walk-ins with an advisor. Attendance at one of the orientations is mandatory. The orientation is one hour in length.

If you have a Probation 1 hold, please make two back-to-back appointments with your Sociology & Criminology Advisor. If you have a Probation 2 hold or are returning from Suspension, please make two back-to-back appointments with Cameron Langner. Check your email for more information or come talk with us.


Check your Current Holds

Current students may check their Registration Hold(s) on LoboWeb:

•           Log-in to using your UNM Net ID and Password

•           Select the Student Life Tab

•           Click on LoboWeb

•           Click on Registration & Records

• Registration (Add/Drop), Course search, Check for Holds

• Registration portal—though I’m assuming this page is temporary

• Check My Registration Status

• Choose term

Registration Errors and Restricted Sections

Sociology and Criminology does not have a Managed Online Program (MOPS), but many A&S majors and minors do. Please check the “comments” section of a course description on to see if there is a program restriction.

Courses with an “instructor permission required” restriction in Sociology include Sociology 488 Sociology Field Observation & Experience (Internship) and Sociology 346/347 Health & Social Inequalities I/II. See note below for Soc 488 info. See the Sociology department website &/or Sociology/Criminology Advisors for more information on how to apply for either of these programs.

Degree plans for both Sociology & Criminology can be found at

The Sociology Department website has printer friendly, major and minor specific degree checklists. Important note, to be admitted to the major, a student needs a 2.25, not a 2.0 overall.

  • Go to the Sociology Dept. Website at
  • Click on undergraduate
  • Click on Sociology or Criminology

Statistics & Methods courses are required for both Soc and Crim majors. Students need to complete Soc 380 & Statistics 145/Math 1350 (Old number/Common Course Number) before they can take Soc 381L. All classes need to be a C or higher for pre-requisite purposes. C- will not count.


Sociology & Criminology Soc 380/381L sequencing

Statistics 145//Math 1350 - (Soc 380 can be a co-requisite) (3 crs)

Sociology 380 (3 crs)

Sociology 381L (4 crs)


Criminology has more course sequencing for the major than Soc. Criminology CourseSequencing

Sociology 101/Soci1110 (3 crs)

Sociology 205/Soci 2120 (3 crs) &/or 213/Soc 2210 (3 crs) Both are required for the major, but only one is needed before Soc 312 can be taken.

Sociology 312 (3 crs)

Soc 4** LoboTrax degree audit list electives (3 crs)

Other Information

Paperwork & Sociology Internship Application

Paperwork for a Soc/Crim Advisor

If you have paperwork or a form that needs to be completed, please schedule an appointment. You can also drop it off in the SOC department office in Social Sciences 1103 (during regular business hours 8-5 M-F), but the turnaround on paperwork/forms is ONE WEEK. Some paperwork/forms do require additional information to be provided before we can complete it. So make sure if you have dropped off paperwork/form, please check your email as we may have questions for you in regards to the request. We strongly recommend you email us at if you drop off paperwork so we can check that we have everything needed.

We can only do paperwork during appointments when it is feasible and if time permits. Appointments are limited to 30 minutes.  Walk-ins are limited to 15 minutes, so if you decide to visit during walk-ins, please make sure to prioritize your questions or forms needed. 


Soc/Crim Internship – Sociology 488

Check for the most up to date application form and due dates for the Sociology internship program. Credit for the program is only offered Fall and Spring terms, no summer internship credit in Sociology. The application for the Sociology Internship program is due the semester before the internship—Fall placement is due in Spring, Spring placement is due during the Fall term.

Students meeting the following minimum qualifications can be considered for an internship placement:

Major GPA of 3.0;

Junior or Senior student standing;

Must be able to commit at least 10 hours in the coming semester to the internship.

For the internship application, deadlines, and faculty contact person see:

All student inquiries should be directed to or (505) 277-4621