Political Science Advisement FAQ

Departmental Advisement FAQ

Scheduling an Appointment

The College of Arts and Sciences Advisement Center is putting the following safety preventative measures in place to ensure the health of our staff and students during COVID-19 (http://www.unm.edu/coronavirus/).  All advisement appointments will be handled virtually. Arts & Sciences Advisors are available to you during this difficult time. Our full schedule will be appointments, no walk-ins. Appointments will still be the normal 30 minutes sessions. When scheduling an appointment in LoboAchieve, please indicate the following: 

  1. Method of appointment- Select from Skype Call or Phone Call.
  2. Skype Call- In order to do a skype call, you will need to download SKYPE FOR BUSINESS at this link. You can download this to your computer or from your cellular device app store. You will need to login with your UNM netid and password.
  3. Phone Call- If it is necessary for you to have a phone call appointment, please provide us with your phone number. We will call you at the time of the scheduled appointment from a blocked number.  
  4. Reason for your appointment  
    • Holds on account 
    • Class schedule 
    • Registration questions 
    • Other (Please give a brief explanation of the reason for the appointment)  


Current students may check their Registration Hold(s) on LoboWeb:

  • Log-in to my.unm.edu using your UNM Net ID and Password
  • Select the Student Life Tab
  • Click on LoboWeb
  • Click on Registration & Records
  • Click on Registration (Add/Drop), Course Search, Check for Holds
  • Check My Registration Status
  • Choose Term

New Student Learning/ Graduation Planning: If you have a hold for Graduation Planning or New Student Learning Workshops, online versions of these will be emailed to you. If you have a Department Orientation hold, your advisor will contact you about how to resolve that via distance. Please monitor your UNM email for updates.

Admissions Hold: Contact Admissions at 277-8900

Bursar Hold: Contact Bursar at 277-5363


New to A&S Hold: Contact the Arts & Sciences Advisement Center at 277-4621 to set up appointment. 

Registration Errors and Restricted Sections

POLS 1120.700 is restricted to Honors College students only.


Check the catalog for prerequisite and/or co-requisite courses at catalog.unm.edu

New Political Science Common Course Numbering

POLS 110-The Political World-POLS 1140

POLS 200-American Politics-POLS 1120

POLS 220-Comparative Politics-POLS 2110

POLS 240-Internation Politics-POLS 2120

POLS 260-Political Ideas-POLS 2130

POLS 270-Public Policy & Administration-POLS 2150

POLS 280-Introduction to Political Analysis-POLS 2140

Political Science Topics Courses (POLS 300, 320, 340, 400)

  • These are repeatable courses, you can take any topics course multiple times as long as it’s a new topic (please check your transcript or Audit if you are unsure if you have taken that course)
  • If you register for multiple topics in the same semester i.e. 2- POLS 300, you will receive a duplicate course error. You will need an override—please email polisciadvis@unm.edu or the instructor of the course.

Fred Harris Internship Courses

  • The following courses are restricted to student accepted to the Fred Harris Internship. You cannot register for these courses unless you are in the program. Please do not contact Ellen Grigsby or the Political Science advisor for an override
    • POLS 300-T: Congressional Processes
    • POLS 311.001: The Legislative Process, Ellen Grigsby
      • You can take the section with Michael Rocca (if offered)
      • POLS 491: Internship, Ellen Grigsby
      • POLS 496: Sem: American Politics, Michael Rocca
  • If you are in the Fred Harris Internship program and having registration issues, please email Ellen Grigsby or me.

Political Science Internship 291 or 491 variable credit

  • If you are doing an approved internship with Michael Rocca and need to change the variable hours, please follow the steps to change hours:
    • Register for 291 or 491 in LoboWeb (as discussed with Professor Rocca)
    • Click on “Schedule and Options” tab above the search criteria box
    • You will see the current courses you are registered for, the internship credit hour will have a line under the number of current credits
    • Click on the credit hours and change to number of credit hours approved by Professor Rocca

Degree Planning

To view BA sample degree visit: degrees.unm.edu

To view BA and minor Coursework Requirements visit here

Political Science is an interdisciplinary degree, please schedule an appointment to discuss possible interests and courses.

Other Information

Cross-Listed Courses

  • Political Science will approve courses from other departments prior to registration (i.e. POLS 329 & AFST 329-Intro to African Politics)
    • I will send a list of current political science courses with their cross-listed sections
    • If you take a course that is not an approved cross-listed course with Political Science, it will not  count toward your major, please see below to verify
  • Typically the POLS section will show a small seat number (i.e 10 seats), this is to allow full enrollment across disciplines
  • While searching for courses in Political Science, you can check if the course is cross-listed with a different department:
    • Click on the course title
    • Click on Course information
    • Will have “(Also offered as XXX 123)”
  • If you take a course in a different department’s cross-listed section, it will count toward your major. Your audit will automatically process the course into the POLS major section.
    • If not, I run a class list report after grading and manually add the course into the major
  • If you are minoring or double majoring in the other department (i.e. minoring in Africana Studies), you cannot count that cross-listed course for both.