History Advisement FAQ

Departmental Advisement FAQ

Scheduling an Appointment

The College of Arts and Sciences Advisement Center is putting the following safety preventative measures in place to ensure the health of our staff and students during COVID-19 (http://www.unm.edu/coronavirus/).  All advisement appointments will be handled virtually. Arts & Sciences Advisors are available to you during this difficult time. Our full schedule will be appointments, no walk-ins. Appointments will still be the normal 30 minutes sessions. When scheduling an appointment in LoboAchieve, please indicate the following: 

  1. Method of appointment- Select from Skype Call or Phone Call.
  2. Skype Call- In order to do a skype call, you will need to download SKYPE FOR BUSINESS at this link. You can download this to your computer or from your cellular device app store. You will need to login with your UNM netid and password.
  3. Phone Call- If it is necessary for you to have a phone call appointment, please provide us with your phone number. We will call you at the time of the scheduled appointment from a blocked number.  
  4. Reason for your appointment  
    • Holds on account 
    • Class schedule 
    • Registration questions 
    • Other (Please give a brief explanation of the reason for the appointment)  


New Student Learning/ Graduation Planning: If you have a hold for Graduation Planning or New Student Learning Workshops, online versions of these will be emailed to you. If you have a Department Orientation hold, your advisor will contact you about how to resolve that via distance. Please monitor your UNM email for updates.

  • New to Arts & Sciences Advisement
    • Schedule an appointment with me by calling the Arts & Sciences Advisement Center at 505.277.4621 or through LoboAchieve.unm.edu
      • Distant learners should set up a phone appointment*
  • Anthropology Department Orientation
    • E-mail will be sent out with date and time of department orientation
      • Sign up for department orientation through LoboAchieve.unm.edu
      • Call Arts & Sciences Advisement Center at 505.277.4621 to sign up for department orientation
      • Schedule an appointment with me through LoboAchieve.unm.edu or visit during Walk-In Hours to sign up for department orientation
  • Bursar’s Hold
    • Pay your bursar’s bill in full, payment plan installments, or a minimum of $199 balance
    • Contact the Bursar’s Office at 505.277.5363 or Live Chat with a representative
      • https://unm-student.custhelp.com/app/chat/chat_launch
  • Orientation Hold
    • If you’ve already completed New/Transfer/Non-Traditional Student Orientation in the past, schedule an appointment with me through LoboAchieve.unm.edu or visit during Walk-In Hours*
  • Admissions Hold
    • Contact the Office of Admissions at 505.277.8900 or Live Chat with a representative
      • https://unm-student.custhelp.com/app/chat/chat_launch

Registration Errors and Restricted Sections

  • Co-Requisites
    • NONE
  • Pre-Requisites
    • HIST491
      • § 2 Upper Division HIST courses
    • HIST494
      • § HIST493 Reading and Research in Honors
  • Restrictions
    • Instructor Permission: E-mail Instructor for Override
      • § HIST493 Reading and Research in Honors
      • § HIST496 Undergraduate Readings in History
    • Department Permission: E-mail Department for Override
      • § HIST491 Historiography
      • § HIST492 Senior Seminar

Degree Planning

  • 36 total history credit hours, 24 of which must be upper division
    • 12 total lower division credit hours
      • 6 must be a set of survey courses
    • 21 total upper division credit hours
    • HIST491 or HIST492
  • History majors must declare a minor
    • Suggested minors include: Africana Studies, American Studies, Anthropology, Asian Studies, Chicana and Chicano Studies, Classical Studies, Communication, Comparative Literature & Cultural Studies, Criminology, Economics, English, Geographic Information Science, Geography, Health Medicine & Human Values, International Studies, Journalism and Mass Communication, Languages, Latin American Studies, Law Environment and Geography, Linguistics, Medieval Studies, Museum Studies, Peace Studies, Period Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Professional Writing, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Sustainability Studies, Women Studies, Art, Community & Regional Planning, International Management, Management, Music, Military Studies, Native American Studies, Population Health, Theatre, and an approved Distributed Minor
  • History majors must maintain a minimum of 2.25 major GPA

Other Information

Schedule an advisement appointment with me for clarification.