Biochemistry Advisement FAQ

Departmental Advisement FAQ

Scheduling an Appointment

The College of Arts and Sciences Advisement Center is putting the following safety preventative measures in place to ensure the health of our staff and students during COVID-19 (  All advisement appointments will be handled virtually. Arts & Sciences Advisors are available to you during this difficult time. Our full schedule will be appointments, no walk-ins. Appointments will still be the normal 30 minutes sessions. When scheduling an appointment in LoboAchieve, please indicate the following: 

  1. Method of appointment- Select from Skype Call or Phone Call.
  2. Skype Call- In order to do a skype call, you will need to download SKYPE FOR BUSINESS at this link. You can download this to your computer or from your cellular device app store. You will need to login with your UNM netid and password.
  3. Phone Call- If it is necessary for you to have a phone call appointment, please provide us with your phone number. We will call you at the time of the scheduled appointment from a blocked number.  
  4. Reason for your appointment  
    • Holds on account 
    • Class schedule 
    • Registration questions 
    • Other (Please give a brief explanation of the reason for the appointment)  


Current students may check their Registration Hold(s) on LoboWeb:

  • Log-in to using your UNM Net ID and Password
  • Select the Student Life Tab
  • Click on LoboWeb
  • Click on Registration & Records
  • Registration (Add/Drop), Course search, Check for Holds
  • Registration portal
  • Check My Registration Status
  • Choose term

Admissions Hold: Contact Admissions at 277-8900

Bursar Hold: Contact Bursar at 277-5363

New Student Learning/ Graduation Planning: If you have a hold for Graduation Planning or New Student Learning Workshops, online versions of these will be emailed to you. If you have a Department Orientation hold, your advisor will contact you about how to resolve that via distance. Please monitor your UNM email for updates.

Registration Errors and Restricted Sections

Check the catalog for prerequisite and/or co-requisite courses at

Getting a Pre-requisite/Test Score Error?

Chemistry Courses:

All 100 and 200 level courses have new common course numbering and are four digits.

You must register for Chem 1215 & 1215L (121 & 123L) at the same time. This is also the case for Chem 1225 and 1225L (122 & 124L).

Students must complete Math 1220 (121) or higher before being allowed to register for General Chemistry 1 (Chem 1215).

Students wishing to take Math 1220 and Chem 1215/1215L in the same semester must take the ALEKs placement exam. Information provided by Dr. Ho.

CHEM 303L may be taken concurrently with or taken after completion of CHEM 301.

CHEM 304L may be taken concurrently with or taken after completion of CHEM 302.

BIOC 445 and 446 are restricted to BIOC majors.

Biochemistry 423:

This course is for non-majors. Students must have completed CHEM 302 (or have it in-progress) to register for BIOC 423.  CHEM 303L & 304L are not required prerequisites for BIOC 423.

Organic Chemistry Common FAQs:

Chemistry 301 Section 5 and Chemistry 302 Section 4 (MWF 11-11:50 am) are courses that require Instructor Permission only.  They are populated by students who are enrolled in Chemistry 1225 (122) Section 5 and Chemistry 301 Section 5, respectively.  Please do not email Lisa Whalen to ask to be added to one of these courses.  They are already full with students from the sections mentioned above.

If Chemistry 301 Section 7 or Chemistry 302 Section 1 are full, please do not email Lisa Whalen to ask for a capacity override.  The classroom is full.  Keep checking Loboweb for open spots or enroll in another section.   

If you are trying to register or switch sections for Chemistry 304L or 303L, please visit for more information.

If a section is labeled as “TBA” for the instructor, it means we have not assigned an instructor to this course but will by the time the class begins.  Please do not email asking to find the email address or identity of the instructor.  It will be posted when the hire is complete. 

Degree Planning

To view BS and BA Biochemistry Sample Degree Plans visit:

Other Information

Given its highly structured and sequential nature, students are encouraged to meet with their advisor as early as possible to ensure timeliness to degree.