Oceana Black Elk

Oceana Black Elk

Administrative Assistant III


Location: UAEC Bldg 85, Suite 135

Advising Philosophy

School is never out for the pro!  I enjoy helping others find and utilize the tools they need for success by using trusted systems and procedures that I find to be consistent and true.  As the Admin Assistant, I make sure that our department is running smoothly and efficiently by making sure everyone has what they need: whether that be by ordering office supplies, or running reports to recognize issues and trends to improve processes for students.  I believe that patience and understanding are critical strengths, as well as being detail oriented.  I always try to stay positive, and am a true believer that your attitude has an incredibly large impact on those around you.

About Me

A second generation Lobo, I graduated UNM in 2012 with a BS in both Psychology and Evolutionary Anthropology. I enjoy plants, animals, baking, and ballroom dancing.  My favorite quote is from Henri Matisse: "There are always flowers for those who want to see them."

Majors/Minors Advised