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2014 A&S Teaching Award Winners Announced

2014 A&S Teaching Excellence Award

Posted: February 26, 2015

The College of Arts & Sciences extends its hearty congratulations to the three winners of the 2014 A&S Teaching Excellence Award, one each for a tenure track faculty member, a lecturer, and a graduate teaching assistant.

Ann Murphy

Dr. Ann V. Murphy, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, was selected out of pool of very strong faculty candidates based on her thoughtful teaching portfolio and her strong evaluations from students and peers. The praise she received for her ability to help students engage with complex texts and ideas showed that this part of her work is especially outstanding.

Aurora Pun

Dr. Aurora Pun, Lecturer III for the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, was chosen to receive the first-ever A&S Teaching Excellence Award for a lecturer based on her commitment to improve undergraduate education by using of a variety of teaching modalities, including online courses and use of the facilities in the CTLB.

Stephanie Spong

Ms. Stephanie Spong, Graduate Teaching Assistant for the Department of English, earned this award for embracing both face to face and online teaching and also for finding creative ways to encourage undergraduates to do productive group work in class.

The winners of these awards will be announced to the University and the public in the near future.

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