Congratulations to the 20 Public Anthropology Award Winners at the University of New Mexico in Prof. Keith Prufer's ANTH 101 (Introduction to Anthropology) class who participated in a North American competition involving over 3,500 students from 25 schools.

Once again, Prof. Prufer has played an integral part in Public Anthropology's online student community, showcasing the ability of UNM students to learn effective writing skills while being active global citizens. He demonstrates how combining technology with cultural concerns in academic courses positively engages students to participate in the broader world beyond their academic setting, while gaining the skills needed for a productive, active life after graduation.

For the names of the UNM Public Anthropology Award winners as well as their award winning opinion pieces click here.

Prof. Prufer's research focuses on complex society, landscape transformation, evolutionary ecology and political economy in Mesoamerica.  He has recently been awarded a National Science Foundation Archaeology Research Grant relating to the "Uxbenká  Project for $123,750 and a National Science Foundation Collaborative Research Grant for Development and Resilience of Complex Socioeconomic Systems relating to the Maya Lowlands with six colleagues for $899,234 (UNM $274,550).  An active writer, he has this year, for example, three co-authored articles in press: (1) with Holley Moyes, Brendan J. Culleton, Andrew Kindon, and Douglas Kennett “Uxbenká: The Development of a Frontier Community in the Eastern Periphery of the Maya Lowlands” (Latin American Antiquity) (2) with Kalosky, Ethan “Settlement and Society at Uxbenká: the Uxbenká Archaeological Project Settlement Survey”  (Research Reports in Belizean Archaeology), and (3) with Nazaroff, Adam J. and Brandon L. Drake. “Assessing the Applicability of Portable X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry for Obsidian Provenance Research in the Maya Lowlands” (Journal of Archaeological Science). Prof. Prufer has also been awarded the Eleanor Roosevelt Global Citizenship Award by the Center for a Public Anthropology for his teaching excellence.

Please join us in congratulating Prof. Prufer and his prize winning students.

For more information please visit the Public Anthropology Community Action Website.