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General FAQ

Our FAQ's document will provide you with more detailed information on Holds, Common Registration Errors, and Deadline Dates.

 Hours & Location

Regular Hours: Monday-Friday 8am – 5pm

Hold Information

***Holds are not removed during walk-in hours. They require either an appointment or a group session.***

Holds may be placed on your account for various reasons.  Here are some common holds originated by Arts & Sciences:

Why can’t I register?   A current student may check their Registration Hold(s) on LoboWeb:

  • Log into using your UNM Net ID and Password.
  • Select the Student Life tab
  • Click on LoboWeb
  • Click on Registration & Records
  • Click on View Holds

New to A&S holds: A hold placed on all students newly admitted to UNM and the College of Arts & Sciences. This hold is put on at admission or re-admission to A&S.  To resolve this hold, please set up a 1-1 appointment with your advisor.  If you are not sure who your advisor is, go to our Advisors Directory or Advisors by Major link.

Department Orientation: A hold placed on A&S students once they have finished all of their pre-requisite coursework. This is a mandatory orientation to go over department requirements.  Please check your UNM email for any information regarding department orientations.  You may contact your Major Advisor if you have not received an email or need further information.  To resolve, you will need to attend a group orientation session. Please call the A&S front desk at 505-277-4621 for dates/times.

New Student Learning Workshop (NSLW): A hold placed on all A&S freshman the 4th week of the semester before they register for their second semester. This is a required workshop that will go over deadlines, when you can register, course planning, understanding your LoboTrax Degree Audit and other tools and resources students will need to register for themselves for the first time. To resolve this hold, please call our front desk at 505-277-4621 to be registered for a group session.

Graduation Planning Workshop (GPW): This workshop is for students who are approximately 3 semesters out from graduation and you have accumulated 75 credit hours or more. This hold goes on your student account the 3rd week of the semester.  This workshop is required by all A&S students and will assist you in planning the second half of your degree by determining your graduation date and applying for graduation. To resolve this hold, please call our front desk at 505-277-4621 to be registered for a group session.

Needs Academic Review: A temporary hold automatically generated when a student’s cumulative GPA has fallen below a 2.0. This hold goes on your account after grades are posted.  An advisor will look through the student’s record and a new hold will be placed onto the student's account to replace the review hold and inform the student of what they need to do.

Probation & Suspension: If it is your first time on probation (prob. hold or P1) you may meet with your normal major advisor during a scheduled appointment to resolve this hold. While on probation, if your semester GPA is 2.5 or higher but you’re still working to improve your cumulative GPA, you may still meet with your normal major advisor. If your GPA is below 2.5 or you are returning from suspension, please make an appointment with an At-Risk Advisor.

Common Registration Errors

The most common registration errors that require an OVERRIDE are:

Pre-Req/Test Score Error: Requires an override from the course INSTRUCTOR if you do NOT meet the prerequisites.

All students requesting a pre-requisite override for a UNM course (that allows overrides) because they are either (1) currently enrolled in the pre-requisite course at another institution or (2) transferring credit for the complete pre-requisite from another institution must complete a General Pre-Requisite Override Request form AFTER MEETING with an advisor and providing physical documentation, such as a copy of a transcript and/or a schedule showing the IN Progress course to the advisor completing the form.

If you are unsure of the pre-requisites or test scores required for a course, you can find them when you search by subject at

Maximum Hours Exceeded: Requires an OVERLOAD REQUEST from your major advisor. If your GPA is 3.0 or higher, you can e-mail your advisor the request. If your GPA is below 3.0 or you are a first-time freshman without a GPA from UNM, you must fill out an Overload Request Form and bring it to The Arts & Sciences Advisement Center for a coordinator’s approval.  Please be aware that for additional credit hours above 18, there is a per-credit hour tuition charge. 

Duplicate Course: A duplicate course error arises when two courses are taken with the same course number even if the section is different (such as a special topics course).  Sign up for one of the courses and then request from the INSTRUCTOR of the second course an “Override,” which they can do from their LoboWeb by selecting the correct error message from the dropdown menu.

Time Conflict: This error appears if two courses overlap even slightly and it must be overridden by the course INSTRUCTOR.

 Deadline Dates

Please visit the Registrar's Homepage  for up to date deadlines for the current semester. 
For questions regarding "Dean's Approval"  please contact our front desk at 505-277-4621

All student inquiries should be directed to or (505) 277-4621