How to Find Course Meeting Types

Why does this matter?

You need to know where and how your class will be meeting! It is possible that when you registered, your class was a listed as a face-to-face class, but that classification may have changed.
See the Fall 2020 Course Meeting Types

Consider the following...

You live off-campus and plan to do your remote courses from home in an effort lessen the number of people on campus. You have a Remote Scheduled course and then a 100% Face-to-Face course scheduled 15 minutes later.

Do you have enough time to get from your house to your in-person course?

How to Find Your Course Meeting Type

If you have already registered for courses: the easiest way to see meeting types for all of your courses at once is to use the Registration Portal method.
If you are looking for courses: use any of the other options.

Use the UNM Registration Portal
Use Class Search
     How to find courses with face-to-face components
Use LoboWeb Dynamic Schedule

Use the Registration Portal

    1. Log in to
    2. Click on the Register for Classes Quick Link on the LoboWeb banner.

My UNM Register for Classes

  1.  Click on the Registration Portal button.

Registration Portal

  1.  Click on the View My Schedule option.

View My Schedule

  1.  Select the Fall 2020 term.

Fall 2020

  1.  Select the Schedule Details tab to see your course meeting types.
    • In the example below, we can see that the first course listed has two meeting times and meeting type descriptions. It is a Face-to-Face Plus Remote Scheduled course - a combination of in-person, on-campus and online scheduled (synchronous) meeting types.
    • The second course has a Remote Scheduled course meeting type.

Schedule Details

Use Class Search

This video explains how our course meeting types have changed in response to COVID-19 guidelines, and how to find important information about course requirements.

Instructions on how to find course meeting types using Class Search begin around 1 minute.


On the Fall 2020 Schedule, it's easy to see the course meeting type. Just look under the "Meeting Type" column.

Schedule Meeting TImes

How to find courses with face-to-face components

We get it - you prefer to attend your courses in person. UNM has limited the number of courses with in-person components to comply with New Mexico's COVID-19 guidelines and to reduce the number of people on campus, but we are currently offering courses with some face-to-face instruction.

  1. On the Fall 2020 Schedule, click on the Meeting Type column heading.

Meeting Type Filter

  1. In the Filter... search bar, type "face" and press Enter or Return on your keyboard. This will show you all courses with at least some face-to-face component.

Face Filter

  1. You can filter by Subject (or any other search term) by clicking on the respective column's heading.

Subject Filter

Use LoboWeb Dynamic Schedule

  1. Select the Subject that interests you, the Course Number (if known), and press the Class Search button at the bottom of the page.

LoboWeb Search

  1. Look under the Scheduled Meeting Times area to see how your course will meet.

LoboWeb Meeting Times